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The Concept of Environmental Exposures Accelerate Lupus

Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibodies from urinary of nephritic rats were collected, purified, and then injected into normal inbred WKY/NCrj recipient the day 2 and the day 3 Haematuria and proteinuria respectively appeared. The first histological change, which was observed and was the same as...

Physical Damage on a Beet Membrane

Abstract Beetroots also known as Beets are used for numerous foods around the world and is also a vegetable that has a membrane. The vegetable Beets have tons of minerals, vitamins and plant compounds. Beets will be used in our experiment to further our research...

Effect of Different Concentrations of Detergent on Nature of Cell Membrane

How protective our house is because of the door. Similarly, the cell has a cell membrane that provides the barrier separating it from the external world. It allows only some components to pass through while rejecting others. It is made up of Lipid bilayer which...

Functions of Cell Membrane in Human Body

The world as we know is to complex, vital, and sensitive to be taken under the arms of organelles who are not ready to govern our province and center of life. What we need to understand as educated organelles is that without the cell membrane...

An Illustration of the Use of Nanotechnology in the Medical Field

Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is currently an upcoming medical advancement that is being used more and more throughout the years. Nanotechnology is the practice of manipulating structures and molecules at a nanoscale. Nano is a unit prefix that means on billionth, so a nanometer is a billionth...

An Examination of the Structure and Function of the Cell Membrane

All cells have an outer protective casing, the cell membrane. It protects the cell from the outside world, but is also vital in the transfer of particles in and out of the cell. The cell membrane controls which particles can enter, and which particles can...

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