The Progress of Science and Albert Einstein

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The story centers around one of the brightest minds to have contributed to the progress of Science and discovery, Albert Einstein. The setting is from his childhood days when he lived in Germany and has characters like his cousin Elsa and only friend Yuri. One day in his history class, Einstein’ teacher Mr. Braun took him to task about his distracted mind. Einstein reacts strongly to his comments that he did not consider rote learning and mugging dates of violent wars as true knowledge. Mr. Braun ridiculed Einstein’s attitude in front of his peers and asked him to leave his class. Einstein obliged and went home fearing a talking to from his father.

Einstein never liked going to his German school. He disliked the orthodox and outmoded ways of instruction and wanted to form new ideas and learn novel concepts. He had his cousin Elsa to confide in as she believed in his talents. She urged him to just clear his exams and then find his path from there. But Elsa had to leave and he was left alone.

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He also had one friend, Yuri, who encouraged him to bide his time and stay patient. Einstein complained about the squalid surrounding he lived him. His landlord and lady had marital issues and there house often saw family violence. Violence was also common in his school. He also complained about his food but Yuri always asked him to consider the state of those much less fortunate than him. Yuri himself had no home of his own.

Searching was a reason to never go back to the school, he asked Yuri for advised. He enquired if he knew any doctor who could certify him as incapable of attending school. Yuri knew on such doctor who had recently completed his studies, Dr Ernst Weil. Einstein saw his opportunity and went to see him.

Dr. Weil talked to Einstein calmly even though the boy was anxious. The doctor counseled him and told him that Yuri had already told him all about his issue. He agreed to give him a medical certification for nervous breakdown and prescribed school leave for 6 months. Dr. Weil advised Einstein that the fact that he thought about such excuse meant that he was truly disturbed enough to have a nervous breakdown. Einstein thanked him and told him that he intended to travel to Italy and study Advanced Mathematics there. He took the medical certificate and left to see his favorite teacher Mr. Koch who taught Mathematics.

Mr. Koch understood his pupil’s predicament and handed him an impressive recommendation for his college application. He believed in the genius of his student and even claimed that he could not have taught Einstein anymore. Now, Einstein went to drop his certificate to the headmaster but before he could he was called to his office. 

The headmaster told him that the school had decided to expel him due to his incorrigible and rebellious attitude. Einstein was more than happy to accept his expulsion and decided to never return to the same building. Before leaving the country, Einstein met and thanked Yuri for his help and words of comfort. Yuri, for his part believed that he could always return to school and complete his diploma if the experiment in Italy failed.

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