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Efficiency of Nature and Its Impact on Biomimetic Architecture

Introduction Architects and designers have continuously been inspired by nature throughout history. They have replicated the designs and patterns found in nature for ornamentation as well as for the forms of the buildings. Biomimetic architecture is also inspired by nature but rather than simply copying...

Green Building Construction Technology'S Effects On Jamaican Construction Industry

Problem Statement The purpose of this study is to identify the significant impacts of Green Building Technology on cost-effectiveness, durability employee productivity, and social benefits of green building construction. Research Questions In order to have an organised research guided by well-sorted objectives, the following questions...

The Purpose and Principles of New Urbanism in Social Community

New Urbanism is a planning trend that values sustainability, mixed housing types, mixed land use, diverse transportation options, sociability and walkable communities. On the other hand, traditional planning focuses more on urban sprawls, less diverse and more separated housing and a higher reliance on vehicle...

Green Building as a Way to Preserve Nature

Green building is one of the ways to build a project that will help in preserving most of the natural environment around the project site, while still being able to produce a building that is going to serve a purpose. The construction and operation will...

Green Building and Structure: Benefits and Flaws of the System

Green structure alludes to both the structure and the use of procedures that are naturally dependable and asset proficient all through a structure's life-cycle: from intending to plan, development, activity, upkeep, redesign, and destruction. This requires close collaboration of the contractual worker, the designers, architects,...

Protecting Environmental Sustainability with Green Building

Introduction The excessive greenhouse gas emissions of British buildings will be discussed in this essay, which led to the absence of relevant laws to regulate the climate change performance of UK buildings through design and technology. On March 28, 2013, the UK Department of Energy...

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