Green Building as a Way to Preserve Nature

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Green building is one of the ways to build a project that will help in preserving most of the natural environment around the project site, while still being able to produce a building that is going to serve a purpose. The construction and operation will help in promoting a healthy environment for all involved, and it won't disturb the land, water resources, and energy in and around the building. Green buildings are designed in a such a way that it will help to reduce or eliminate negative impacts rather increase positive impacts, on our climate and natural environment thus resulting in improved quality and productivity of life (Ed Mazria). There are mainly three important reasons in choosing this type of construction design they are environmental, economic, and social benefits.

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Firstly, one of the most important is environmental benefits that Green Building design offer is it to our climate and the natural environment. This type of design will not only reduce possible negative impacts that can be caused on environment but will promotes the positive impacts and thus resulting in sustainability(Dailey). Green building design will reduce the excess amount of water waste that can be caused during the construction of a project and as it utilizes naturally available material, construction with green materials produces significantly lower greenhouse gas emission thus reduces global warming. Green design has positive impacts on human and animal health as it improves air and water quality. The other common benefits of green building design is that it helps in conserving natural resources, protects biodiversity and ecosystems.

Secondly, green buildings offer different varieties of economic or financial benefits, which are significant to a range of different people or groups of people. These economic or social benefits include cost saving from utility bills for tenants or households through energy and water efficiency, lower construction costs and higher property value for building developers. While construction needs people, who know how to use the proper tools and the designs that are best for certain purposes it creates more job opportunities. Some other benefits that green building offers are that it creates, expand, and shape markets for green product and services and also optimize life-cycle economic performance (Suzanne Shelton). While there are numerous environmental benefits to green construction, there are just as many economic advantages. By incorporating to environmentally friendly practices, businesses can reduce their expenses, create jobs and boost the economy.

Thirdly, the benefits of Green building go beyond economics and the environment and possess considerable evidence to bring positive social impacts too. The social benefits of Green Building are related to the improvements in the quality of life, health, and well-being. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, health and wellbeing are supported by the indoor air quality inherent in green buildings (Rashid, Spreckelmeyer, Anguiano). Poor indoor air quality which is the result of improper air circulation, poor lighting, temperature variances, toxic adhesives, paints, and other pollutants contribute to different types of health diseases such as respiratory problems, allergies, and skin rashes, etc. These benefits can be realized at different levels – buildings, the community, and society in general. The social benefits of choosing Green Building design include knowledge transfer, improved environmental quality, neighborhood restoration, and reduced health risks from pollutants associated with building energy use.

In conclusion, green building offers us various environmental, economic, and social benefits. This we as a human need to understand and try to incorporate this particular design wherever possible and thus reduce the negative impact on the environment. Green buildings are naturally different from conventional buildings. Green building should not be considered as just one more approach to construction, instead should be pursued with greater vigor as it has societal and environmental dimensions. Even though green building design offers different kinds of benefits such as economic and social. The importance and value of green buildings goes far beyond the value of just avoiding or reducing energy and water costs. So, conscience effort is needed from both contractors as well as buyers to incorporate sustainable building practices in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment as it is the responsibility of each and every one to protect our environment.

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