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A Practical Investigation of Thin-Layer Chromatography

Lab 2: Thin-Layer Chromatography Abstract: In the TLC lab, TLC plates are used to experimentally approximate molecular weight and compare weights through Rf values. Different molecular components of each solution tested have a general distance that they will travel on the plate that depends on...

Determining the Relationship Between Diffusion Rate and Solution Concentration

Experimental Lab 5: Diffusion and Osmosis Introduction In order for cells to maintain homeostasis, they must allow substances to move in and out of the cell. There are four different ways in which substances move across differentially permeable biological membranes, including simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion,...

Modelling Diffusion and Osmosis Through Experimentation

DIFFUSION AND OSMOSIS Introduction It is important for the cell to have a way to separate the cytoplasm (inside of the cell) from the extra cellular materials (outside of the cell). This is accomplished by the cellular, or plasma, membrane. The plasma membrane is composed...

The Exploration of the Diffusion of Hip-Hop

Diffusion of Hip-Hop Response Today’s hip-hop music is rap with an electric background. This type of music originated in the early 1970’s in New York city with a few young adults. They were all DJ’s and wanted to outdo each other. They would move the...

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