Mathematics Is Not Scary, It’s Beautiful

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Mathematics is often times seen as dark and scary. People specially students tried to avoid it. There are students are students tries to take courses that doesn’t have math. Well in fact it is unavoidable since math is seen everywhere and it is not scary. It is rather beautiful and it should not be avoided. Mathematics creates beauty. Everything that surrounds us is somehow related to math. If it’s not created with the use math, it can be explain with math. All things somehow have a relationship with math. It could be a man-made object or God’s gift. It is fascinating that math exists everywhere and somehow people are scared of it.

According to Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindset, it is not uncommon for people to have a negative feelings about math. When people have bad experience with math, often times the negative emotion towards math is maintain throughout the rest of their lives. Failure to this subject is often times the main reason why people stay away from math. This mindset is not good as it giving math a bad reputation. People are forgetting that math made everything around us possible. The subject mathematics is very broad and multidimensional. It involves reasoning, creativity, connection making, and interpretation. These ideas help our world to be developed.

Critical thinking is commonly practice in math and we are able to adopt this at young age since we have to use it. We find solution with logic in order to answer the problem given to us by teachers. Not only is critical thinking and also creative thinking. People come up with new method in order to give a wider explanation. It opens up to more possibilities and that is wonderful because how we are able to have explanation with the use of critical and creative thinking. With these thinking, people started questioning a lot of things especially back in the day. People started looking for explanation why certain things happen. This is where science came to play. Science is seen as something wonderful as how people have explanation for different kinds of phenomena. But this was not possible without the help of math. According to Richard Feynman, math is necessary in order to learn about nature is to understand the language that she speaks in. Science is completely dependent on mathematics in order to describe nature. And that is why Carl Friedrich Gauss called mathematics “the queen of science”.

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Math tackles many problems. It becomes an essential in whenever field you study. Without math we wouldn’t have had any development that we have today. Everything around us is made possible because of math. Not only giving explanation of different phenomena but also being able to develop new things. Our whole world was develop because of math. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to experience things that we have now like technologies. Because of the advancement with the help of math. We are able to have technologies and it became a part of our lives. We have become reliant to it to the point where wouldn’t know what are we going to do without it. That’s how far we’ve come.

Today, we’re living in the world of digital. Everything in the digital world is built on mathematics with the use 1’s and 0’s or binary. All the things in the digital world is represented and is calculated with mathematics like letters, videos and sound. Phones, gadgets, transportation and many more are made possible because of math. These things we consider as beautiful. It is fascinating to see that something impossible is made in to reality. An idea made by a single person becomes into something real was possible with the help of math. We see these new developments in our world as beauty. But it doesn’t stop there, Math can be also found in God’s gift. From mountains to flowers, everything is somehow has relationship with math. Math explain these natural phenomena and made these things more beautiful. Another example is in the sky, the stars and the galaxy. Even without math it could be considered beautiful but because we could understand what it is we appreciated it even more. We become more fascinated by it. We try to learn more from it. We study it in order to gain more information. We are able to see things in different ways. The shiny things on the night sky isn’t just white dots. They are stars and they are so many of them to the point that it is impossible to count them.

Math enables us to see the world more differently. We’re able to look at things in different angles. We’re able to discover new things and find explanation why things happen. We appreciate the world more because we could understand it. There are patterns everywhere that can be seen because of math. Our life becomes more interesting. Everything around us can be expressed through mathematics. It has become a way to describe our world into something we can truly understand. Math is also known as the universal language because everything you do in math is also the same in the rest of the world no matter where you come from or what race you are. That is beautiful that somehow we’re able to connect with people around to the world with math.

Math creates beauty through the things we see. Everything we create, we use, we develop involves math or numbers which makes beauty in our daily life through its different aspects like, the beauty of its design, the beauty of its function in the society, the beauty of its benefit, the beauty of its cycle in the society, and the such. Almost everything in our life involves math even to its smallest detail, we use math. No wonder the things we see today creates beauty in our eyes because every detail we make, we use math to make it systematized and accurate of its beauty in the society.

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