Math Discovery and Mathematical Patterns in Standard of Living

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Mathematics is literally defined as the study of numbers, quantities, formulas and patterns but in my own understanding, it is the world of numbers and with that it is how the world works. Mathematics is also the study of things, the relationships between things, and ways of transforming things without particular concern as to what the things are. People use it as a way of understanding other aspects of life. Mathematics can be as difficult and mysterious as it is because of its own laws and fundamentals that is strictly followed to be able to get the exact or precise answer. But for me the more we tried to learned from it, the more knowledge that we acquire and learning to deal with the greater complexities of mathematics can give you some insights into understanding even more information.

Based from the readings and video presentations, mathematics discovery has been at the forefront of the society and in use in different primitive of cultures. It was known that the needs of math arose based on the wants of every society because the more complex a society, the more complex the mathematical needs. It is more likely inventing a particular concept in the sense that it requires originality and creativity, and it’s like discovery in the sense that the concepts that we uncover are timeless and were already true beforehand. I believe that mathematics itself was invented by the human minds; but it also allows us to discover facts about real things. From the wicked minds of our great ancestors, they led and create a more concrete information that will represent mathematics, then perceived by the next generations and was being enhanced and studied until today.

In mathematics, we study various forms such as the numbers, groups, geometric objects, and many more. We study their patterns and figure out how they work and interconnect with each other. Everything revolves in mathematics and it is not just our brain that has the interest to do something special because when you have a broad perspective, you can begin by looking at a problem one way and realize that you can contextualize it in a completely different way. If you will put effort on it the true beauty of this is that by considering things abstractly, you begin to see connections that you would not otherwise recognize and may use it in different ways.

Mathematics is in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives starting from the use of mobile devices, art, money, engineering, sports and many more. To me mathematics is the creative, artistic and exploration of ideas and concept of thoughts. As future professional nurses of our society it is important to know that our field, mathematics is use to calculate drug dosages, knowing the metric system and conversions of different measurements, calculating IV infusion and drips and the rates that is needed. Moreover, nurses do follow their basic training and dosage calculations with their math skills to avoid the rising errors in drug delivery that we are seeing in many areas involving patient care. Nurses use math also to make sure that the medication amount is appropriate and that patients do not receive too little or too much. Furthermore, we created mathematics, make new discoveries within it every day and with this mathematics created our modern world which makes it more beautiful, and different to just about every other venture that mankind has ever attempted.  

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