Math: The Efficient and Effective Methods to Study Math

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Math is everywhere; it should be one of the wonders of the world. In a way, Math is a fundamental part of who I am. It’s always been there for me. Yes, a bit strange coming from a high school student. Usually students despise quadratic equations, factoring and derivatives, yet the beloved subject has boosted me up exponentially. Math is, in a sense, in my DNA. My great-great grandfather was a mathematician who mentored Srinivasa Ramanujan, a renowned Indian mathematical genius, who made significant contributions to the field, including the solutions to “unsolvable” mathematical problems.

Since my first multiplication table, Math has come easily to me. In school, teachers and counselors regularly seek my services to tutor students. And I willingly agree. Tutoring has definitely taught me a lot about myself. Honestly, it was frustrating at first. Trying to teach others concepts that seem like common sense is not easy. I definitely have formulated deeper appreciation for my teachers. It’s hard to understand how others think, especially when it is widely different from your own perspective, yet that is the definition of the job. During tutoring sessions, I learned to keep an open mind and understand how the student is thinking; then, slowly, break down concepts for them. Eventually, they come to understand solutions in their own way, which is often incongruous from my approach to the problem. There is a certain beauty in opening up someone’s mind and allowing them to see new pathways.

Tutoring also takes up more time than one would think. I have to put the students before my own school work some days, forcing me to rebalance my time so that I am able to finish all of my work. Though it can be stressful, tutoring math has taught me to keep an open mind and put others first. Math is not purely physical. It’s not limited to a textbook or classroom. I see math everywhere I go. I see driving from a new angle. From the intersecting roads to the constant careful calculations to adjust the vehicle for safety I am acutely aware of multiple variables. In public, I see numbers and naturally make connections between the common factors. At stores, I am the primary discount-calculator. But my affinity goes beyond that. I hear math in music. From the beat to the rhythm to the length of each note, and even the timing choice of the lyrics, it is all mathematically based. I also see math in food. The sweet-smelling aroma as cookies are baking comes from math. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a concrete subject. I can see, hear and even taste math in an abstract way. This intuitive “sixth sense” compels me to look at a situation beyond its surface and break it down mathematically.

Math always keeps me on my toes. Friends and even strangers will approach me for help with a math problem at any given time. With constant reminders that I am “mathematically skilled”, I previously feared that I would fall short of expectations and disappoint people. I have learned to accept that defeat is okay. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Sometimes I will help a friend and be wrong, or I will not get 100 on every test. Math has taught me humility. Through years of helping everyone study for their math tests, I am infinitely grateful for learning just as much from others as they have hopefully learned from me. Teaching and learning are two equally vital skills. Math is integral to who I am and how I carry myself as a friend, student and teacher.  

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