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Panda Conservation Groups In China

Introduction I choose this topic about the Conserving panda in china because there only about 1600 pandas around the world, because of in the southwestern part of china are separated, causing panda to spread in patches, there cannot come to exchange DNA and another reason...

The Human Involvement in the Panda's Habitual Framework

In a selected literature survey, various studies were reviewed on the habitat heterogeneity–animal species diversity relationship and then evaluated regarding whether there were uncertainties and biases in its support. 85 publications were reviewed for the period of 1960–2003. Each publication was screened for terms that...

Negotiating About Pandas For the San Diego Zoo

In the Negotiating About Pandas For the San Diego Zoo case, Douglas Myers, the zoo’s executive director, is involved an exceedingly difficult negotiation process to procure the long-term loan of two giant pandas from China. Although the zoo has previously loaned two giant pandas for...

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