The Authoritarian Roles in Kipling's Opinions Addressed in His Work

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In the article “The White Man’s Burden”, Kipling discusses about how the message about the sacrifice of whites during the war in Philippines along the world. Kipling’s poem has been a periodic or critical in some kind of fashion while delivering the message poem to Theodore Roosevelt. Kipling was also explaining about the encouragement to the American government to conquer over the Philippines in reward that Kipling believed. Kipling concluded about the poem message to the advice of men facing wars to brace beyond their prayers. In document 25-1 “Commissioner Lin Zexu Letter to Queen Victoria 1839”, it states about the trading policy with China and the British for the search of markets for Western Products. The Chinese government allowed the British to come to their country for trades in the market. The British discovered that they can sell a product to China which is called opium. It was a drug that was an illegal situation that was being transferred to China by selling to them. Lin had sent a letter to Queen Victoria about the hidden situation her people are selling out an unhealthy drug that was against their kind.

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For China natives, it’s against the law for them to sell opium to anyone else or they will be punished to die. In document 25-4 “King Leopold’s Soliloquy”, Mark Twain discusses about how Belgium leaded their travel to sub-Saharan Africa under the rule of Congo Free State to bring the benefits of European civilization to Africa. In Twain’s writing, he states about the king’s speech on civilization with interaction towards the images shown. King Leopold gets upset about his goodness that he did for the people of the Congo Free State including the assist of million on religion and art. In document 25-5 “The Boxers Declare Death to Foreign Devils 1900”, it discusses about how the boxers were alarmed about the culture from the West daring to conquer their country. The boxers had discovered the so called magical techniques to defeat the Western technology and fight against their Christain oppressors. They used their own colonial powers against the U.S. and Japan to gain their own rebellion to fight back. They use their prayers before engaging into a war against the Western culture whom dare to take their country with their technologies. The boxers of society trained the Chinese with their own human weapon which is martial arts to fight against them with their own bare hands to feet. It also includes the physical and mental discipline and meditation techniques. The boxers believed that their martial art skills would defeat the bullets that fired against them.

What reasons did Commissioner Lin Zexu sent a letter to Queen Victoria? Because he wanted to ask about whether she would let the importation of a drug that was a poisoned opium into to her own country and asked her to not allow her subject to send to his country. What happened afterwards when Belgium departed from the Congo? The crises events started, but King Joseph Desire Mobutu, a nationalist at the Congo wanted to stop the colonial rule and that caused the country’s independence on the 30th of June. Did the Boxer Rebellion lose the fight? They lost because of the small numbers and their systems of martial arts fighting skills.

Comparative Questions

Based on their documents, would Commissioner Lin agree with Hobson’s views on the dangers of Imperial trade? I believe that Commissioner Lin would agree with Hobson’s point about the bad situations of Imperial trade, because the fact that the Britain were selling China with shipping Opium which is a drug fed is not good for the Chinese culture. The Britains would use the advantage against Lin’s people and would not allow to sell to other countries or give back the Opium which is against their rule and if they do, they will be killed for doing so. The contradictions of the Imperial trade can led to the brink of the terrorist act of the British getting the Chinese involved of selling a dangerous drug that would destroy their society habits. Commissioner Lin himself and his people of China would not like to face an unhealthy organization situation, because in their culture, they are described as a naturalist people who would not want an illegal drug to invade to their country. The British in reasons of selling the drug was to make more money into investing more production to the industries during the time of the Second Industrial Revolution. Lin is most likely to side with Hobson’s warning about China facing the Imperial trade catastrophic that would lead to effect Lin and the people of the Chinese nature society.

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