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Understanding Kipling’s Novel The Man Who Would Be King In Its Historical Context

After the Indian Mutiny in 1857, the British attitude towards India changed in a multitude of ways. While Queen Victoria’s Proclamation provided religious and cultural freedom to the natives, the British simultaneously reduced contact with the Indian society. This was showcased by the establishment of...

Black Man’s Burden in Kipling's The Man Who Would Be King

Kipling portrays the message that white people are mire superior and can bring prosperity in the world. But I believe that any race or any skin colour can not be discriminated and without unity no success can be achieved. Kipling presents a European view of...

The Authoritarian Roles in Kipling's Opinions Addressed in His Work

In the article “The White Man’s Burden”, Kipling discusses about how the message about the sacrifice of whites during the war in Philippines along the world. Kipling’s poem has been a periodic or critical in some kind of fashion while delivering the message poem to...

Imperialism in Rudyard Kipling's Art and Works

One of the most characteristic features of the modern development of humanity is a sharp increasing trend towards integration, mutual influence and cooperation and internationalization of world processes. A new stage of development marks the transition from enclave civilizations, which almost did not interact with...

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