Three Sessions That Were Applicable In Hong Kong To Learn From Australia

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An exchange is a way for me to learn from other foreign and get the knowledge back to Hong Kong. In these 15 days in Queensland, Australia, it made my eyes opening. As I have not been to Western Country in the past, it is the greatest way to live with foreigners and my classmates. It got some lectures and visits during this exchange trip which based on health and sports science backgrounds. Sessions were revolving around health, sports and culture. All the sessions were very useful for a student to take their opportunities backed to my country. I am going to introduce three sessions that were applicable in Hong Kong to learn from Australia.

The first session would be the CPR Course (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), it is a first aid treatment training, health and sports science background’s student usually takes that course in case of emergency also it is a lifesaving technique. The CPR Course held by Surf Lifesaving Australia New South Wales it included the skills and knowledge to maintain or restore the respiratory system for adult, child and infant. Also, it may teach the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). However, I had been taken the similar first aid course in Hong Kong. To compare with, the validity of CPR in Australia is just one year after the course, but in Hong Kong, it is valid for two years (, n.d.). As CPR can be rescued for resuscitation, so the time for reassessment should be changed as good as once a year like Australia to maintain the standard and ensure professional treatment during the rescue.

Second session would be to developing health promotion campaign session. A health promotion campaign is a process of promoting health by disseminating messages through mass media, interpersonal channels and events. In this session, I have learnt the techniques by designing my topic then to presenting the whole campaign to my lecturers from Dr. Brooke Harris-Reeves. She used a step by step teaching mode which can easy imbibe knowledge by using some of the real-life campaign examples to brainstorming student’s ideas, she always gives out useful suggestions and opinions which guide us to stuck on the track then easily to be rendered. On the other hand, the Griffith University gave lots of efforts and creative spaces for us from processing to presenting the best health promotion campaign by supporting the materials what we requested for the presentation, it really gets helps!

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Conversely, in Hong Kong, I also held a health promotion campaign in April. It is similar to the campaign that I did in Australia. As time-based on the exchange period, there was a restriction to holding a health promotion campaign in Australia.

As I am a health educator, doing health promotion campaigns are often needed also it is part of my future career. After experiencing doing the campaign only in ten days and with a different background of lifestyles, I have full of confidence to running more great health promotion campaign at the future by using Dr. Brooke’s skills, a step by step teaching style, it is high practicability!

The third one would be a common sport in Australia. Australian playing rugby is more than a hundred years. They had also made rules when playing rugby with their traditional aboriginal culture game called “Marngrook”, so they got their own country rugby game, the Australian Football League (AFL), which is different from the National Rugby League. In this exchange trip, I got a chance to watch two different rugby leagues. A strong feeling that the atmosphere in the stadium was very different from Hong Kong. Their citizens are actively in participating in rugby matches. They might buy tickets to supporting their favorite teams or players. In Australia, they have lots of rugby sports promote, this is Hong Kong can learn from Australia that the sports promoting isn’t enough for the public. I had also taken a footy clinic at the Griffith University taught by Mr. Adam Fisher, the game development officer from the National Rugby League Limited. He taught us some basic skills on playing rugby, like tackle, ruck and maul. I haven’t experienced a professional rugby guidance in my country and it is memorable to play with my classmates in such a great weather and place.

In my country, the most eye-catching national rugby match would be the Hong Kong Seven. But, not just one rugby match holds in Hong Kong, it also got some matches holds by different rugby union every year. In recent years, many sports have begun to become popular. I hope that rugby in the future will be more popular than popularization, as long as the government can do more on the promoting with other sports, they can refer to Australia to build more rugby practice site, support more on Hong Kong rugby union competitions.

Educating the teenagers in a different area can cultivate their development from multiple perspectives. In this exchange, I had learnt some Australia’s health education system and the teaching style from Dr. Brooke, I remembered that at Dr. Brooke’s first lesson, she knows that student is less focused on a three hours lecture, so she gave us some materials with some sports element to let us design some games with rules that written from classmate before the class starts so that we can play games design in our own when we don’t concentrate, that’s how we can lift our spirits and refocus our attention on the class. This teaching style is great it can enrich the lessons not to be bored. Unfortunately, it can just fit some small class lecture because of the site problem. I wish I could apply what I learn from lectures in Griffith University in my future when doing the health promotion practice in Hong Kong.

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