The Dangers of Global Warming in Australia

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Global warming is the biggest effect on Australia. Do you want to save our country? Do you want our country to be a good placed too lived in the future? Australia must take action on. climate change. Because Australia is acting less on climate change, this caused to affects. public health, As well endangers the koalas and the future of our earth, for us grandchildren. Government emission targets are too low to be effective.

The first reason lack of access to global warming, would adversely affect peoples’ health. Australians Lives are at risk because of lack of government address health impacts of climates changes research warns. Australia “has gone backward, ” and left behind, compared to developed country such as German and Britain. When it comes to people’s health, climate changes such as rising temperature and air pollution, Increases medical problems such as asthma and respiratory illness. “Overall, we find that Australia is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change on health, and that policy inaction in this regard threatens Australian lives said the report, published by the Medical Journal of Australia and The Lancet on Thursday.

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Another reason climate change affects koalas led to danger this also would lead to endangered. Koala food is only eucalyptus leaves, and it is protected in high branches. When the sea rises due to climate change, toxins in the gum trees would increase this caused would decreased the availability of koala’s food. “When we start playing with a balance of salinity on the ground, a good balance in the leaves, between poisons and nutrients, values get the way out of kilter. ' The data suggests only 40, 000 koalas survive the wild, Said Dr Rebecca Montague-Drake, an ecologist with the Port Macquarie Council in New South Wales.

The final reason is that the future for our grandchildren will be full of an extreme natural disasters. 'There is one chance in 20 that climate changes can end in disasters, by the year, 2050. This is a risk that is too big. ” When will we start protecting our children? said Mike Hoffmann the opinion contributor. If we continue on today’s path and do not address the climate changes, the world will likely experience a disaster on a horrific scale. Over the next several decades, global warming will further increase the moisture content of the

Atmosphere furthers more extreme heat waves, frost, sea ice extending and thickness. Other Consequences are mountain glaciers breaking up, ice sheets melting, the sea surface. temperature decreased and sea level increased. These magnitude changes expected depends on future greenhouse gas emissions and climate feedback. If we keep continued this path without reducing greenhouse gas emission, there is a possible 5 percent of an increased natural catastrophe.

To sum up, all Australia must take action on climate change because, people’s lives are at risk. Because of the health impact by the government, koalas are suffering which could lead to becoming endangered, and last but not least, the future of our grandchild would be full of extreme natural disaster, Take an action from today!

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