Impact Of Commonwealth Games On Gold Coast

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The first regional city to have the Commonwealth Games was gold coast. An international multi-sport event can have an impact in several ways. It could be positive or negative, tangible or intangible, intentional or unintentional, global or local, short term or long term, sport or non-sport related and can be seen from the various event stakeholder’s perspectives. To make the Gold Coast Commonwealth Game 2018 (GCCG 2018) event completion successful it required lot of planning, construction, transportation and huge economy was involved. The research is basically on the consequences of the various structures built, examining the transportation planning, facilities provided, analysing the physical space usage and the social integration and the even on the various factors leading to it i. e. Political, Social, Economy.

The GCCG 2018 has a legacy program which promises in creating active, and transformative inheritance, inclusive diverse communities and enduring economic development. This paper gives a broad overview of an often used but rarely defined concepts using various examples. More than 10,000 people will have worked on the project by the time it is handed over to Organising Committees for the Commonwealth Games (OCCWGs). Also incorporated is 7. 3 hectares of green and open space including a community park and extensive landscaped areas. After (GCCG 2018) the officials will prepare the development for a mixed-use residential community. Among the agenda for the managers of each competitive sport is organising the half a million items of sports equipment that will be needed. Head of Sport Anita Palm said the group would not only advise on training facilities but also assist in creating the right atmosphere for athletes. The argument is that did the hosting event stakeholders compromised the public interest and placed the burdens of implementation disproportionally on the urban poor to the gain recognition world-wide for the success of the event.

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