The Rising Problems In Tasmania

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The housing crisis in Tasmania is spiraling out of control and needs dire attention brought to it. This is being caused by extremely high amounts of tourists visiting our state which is driving rental prices up unnecessary amounts. Because of this more Tasmanian home are being taken from us and handed off to rental companies for overseas visitors who don't stay ay more than a week. Look at all the people who are stuck homeless in the show grounds due to unnecessarily high rental prices. Statistics state that for a property to be affordable thee rent must be less than 30% of minimum wage and of all properties in Tasmania only 20% were deemed affordable and then only 4% were affordable for those on income support payments. If this continues on Tasmania's will end up locked out from there own homes while foreigners take the rule and leave the locals out of pocket and without a place to call home. Surely as fellow Tasmania's, we can do something to help.

The unemployment rates in Tasmania are far too high and something needs to be done soon and it needs to work. For too long now Tasmania has been relying on Australia to feed us the money we need to get by this is not helped that Tasmania has the highest unemployment rate in the country which is then followed by Western Australia and Queensland but because of their larger population this does not have the same effect it does on Tasmania. This isn't going to change any time soon either as we have adopted a way of life where we attempt to avoid our problems rather than facing up to them and fixing them. This needs to stop now before there are serious consequences which leave our state in a permanent state of debt.

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The proposal for the cable car to be built on Mt Wellington is the best proposal the council has made this year. This is going to bring far more tourism to our beautiful state than ever before. It is going to allow many more tourists to visit the top of Mt Wellington and allow them to have an amazing view of the landscape that immerses Tasmania. This is an excellent opportunity for Tasmania to improve its economy more than ever before and will also help with the unemployment rates in Tasmania as well. We must not allow this project to fail for the sake of Tasmania.

The idea of a cable cart traveling up Mt Wellington sickens me. It will ruin the natural heritage of the area leaving a once beautiful place a bleak and empty space occupied by a building and some wires to allow a cable cart to travel up and down a mountain. Just imagine how much rubbish will be thrown out of the cable cart littering and destroying the pristine, untouched environment below. This cable cart is going to destroy our amazing mountain and it cannot be allowed to happen. As Tasmanians, we must stick together to protect our amazing natural heritage for the next generation.

These are all big problems in Tasmania, but this isn't the answer you want so here is what I believe. The unemployment rates in Tasmania is a very large problem but can be fixed by us simply going out in search of new jobs rather than "allowing Australia to feed us money". The cable cart that is going to be built upon Mt Wellington is also quite a large problem there is quite the possibility that it will fall flat on its face and fail but until then it is offering employment and fulltime jobs which is helping our unemployment rates. Yes, we are invading our natural heritage, but it will bring more jobs and tourism to our state which is a win-win situation for us.

Finally, the housing crisis in Tasmania. I wouldn't say this is the next big problem in Tasmania, I would say it is currently Tasmania's biggest problem and it is the biggest we have ever faced. To fix this we all need to rally together supporting our friends and neighbors to get through this tough time. Help those who cannot help themselves and we will all get through this stronger than ever. The biggest problem that Tasmania faces is the housing crises and we all have our part to play in this.

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