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The Economic State of the Weimar Republic

To begin, Germany was in a state of massive economic turmoil after the war, which created problems which Hitler offered solutions to, thus the German economic state was responsible to Hitler’s rise. In the Ruhr, the French had ordered the reparation commision for Germany to...

The Mistakes That Lead to the Fall of the Weimar Republic

Introduction While The Great Depression played a minor factor in bringing the Nazis to power, a variety of other factors had a greater impact. Political divide within the military and German social division compromised governmental stability. Mistakes made by Weimar leadership deteriorated government power and...

The Process of German Nation Building

Following the fall of the Napoleonic Empire in 1814, her conquered territories were liberated from their shackles and given the opportunity to spread their wings. The liberated German states sought after a new identity; a national identity. A plethora of historians have attempted to explain...

Providing Insurance and Physician Shortage in Germany

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a shortage is “a situation in which there is not enough of something” or “a situation in which there is less of something than people want or need”. Shortages occur in most daily life’s, beginning at the coffee shop in...

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