A Bomber for the German Air Force and WWII 

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The German Air Force used different types of planes for different types of missions. They used the Japanese Zero to spy on the Jews. This plane always had an X then different numbers on the tail of the plane. This is a smaller plane than the others with a wingspan of 36 feet and 30 feet in length. This plane isn’t as fast as the other but it can fly up to 331mph. They flew the B-29 bomber to bomb the Jews unexpectedly. There is a possibility that the Germans used this plane in the book of The children of willesden lane. The B-29 was an Aluminum color. 

This plane was very bulky but could fly at speeds up to 365 mph. The wingspan of this plane was 141 feet and 36 inches. The B-29 could be as high as 31,850 feet. The spitfire is an effective plane for fighting in the dark. The spitfire could have different designs such as a mouth full of sharp teeth on the front and had archery rings on the wings with a dark green color base. The spitfire used the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. The wingspan is 37 feet and 30 feet in length. This plane can 346 mph. They used a lot more for reconnaissance, fighting bombing, patrol, interceptor, and training. These planes were very important to the war because they wouldn’t be able to create as much damage as they did.

The famous German soldiers were the top-ranked in the Air Force during WWII. The most famous pilot was Hermann Göring. He was famous because he was known as a Schutzstaffel. - major paramilitary under the control of Adolf Hitler- He was a bomber for the German Air Force. In 1939, Hitler claimed Göring as his most successful pilot. The next year he ranked up and became a special marshal of the empire. Hugo Sperrle was born on February 7, 1885, and died April 2nd, 1953. Sperrle held a lot of commands in the poster German forces. He was transferred back to the air force in 1933. This helped him expand during the years that followed. He became brigadier general - in charge of a couple thus troops.- His force was in charge of bombing Guernica and other Spanish towns. 

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Later on, in the years, he became the general of fliers. Sperrle died from a heart attack. Günther Lützow was born on September 4 of 1912 and died on April 24 in 1945. He was another German pilot who rose up to the rank ”Oberst” - unit assault leader-. Gunther had the most shot down aircraft. He went missing April 24 and was killed in action the same day. Robert Ritter von Greim was born June 22, 1892, and died May 24, 1945. Robert was promoted twice within two years. It took him three years to get his first Kill to confirm because he was an observation pilot. He got awarded the iron Cross 1st class medal. The observation pilots are in charge of watching over the army during missions. They tell them when there are enemies approaching. Over two more years, he got six more kills. In 1945 Robert was awarded the Combined Pilots-Observation Badge in gold with diamonds. 

On May 24, 1945, he was executed, his last words were ” I am the head of the Luftwaffe, but have no Luftwaffe.” according to (2004). Robert Ritter von Greim. Lava Development, LLC. The last pilot is Otto Kittel who was born on February 21, 1917 and died February 16, 1945. His rank was Oberleutnant. This was one of the shortest famous times spent in the Army. At the age of 22, he flew his first combat mission in 1941. He took the time to embrace his personal kill number. He had 39 kills in 1943. By October 29, 1944, he reached 123 kills. He was killed in action on February 16, 1945.

They had different forces because they used different techniques on how they wanted to attack. They used the reconnaissance to spy on the enemies. They would spy on them to tell the other forces and adjust - make changes to their plan just in case of the unexpected- to be able to fight. They would use the bombing force to destroy large areas of land. They would use the bombing to overpower and threaten the enemies. 

They would use interceptor planes to intercept any telegraph sent to other countries. The interceptors were more advanced than the reconnaissance planes. The aircraft was able to spy and listen to what enemies were doing. The interceptor would fly high out of sight so they could not be detected by other countries. They also had trainer planes to train younger pilots that were just entering the air force. 

These were used near the air force sight so they would not damage any other pilots or other aircraft. They would use the same models as they would in war but put dummies into it. Next, the army would come to the Air Force site and shoot down the planes so they could find out how to improve their aircraft. They also had fighter planes. The fighter planes had less equipment than the bomb plane. The fighter plane had machine guns on it while the bomber plane would just drop bombs out of the plane’s under body.  

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