The Concept of The Royal Air Force Museum

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The Royal Air Force has formed our country and our general public. It has affected how we live our lives today through its effect on world occasions, society and innovation. The Royal Air Force Museum was set up as an inheritance of the RAF's fiftieth commemoration, opening our London (Hendon) site in 1972. From 1979, the Museum likewise dealt with the Cosford Aerospace Museum for the MOD, which had additionally been in activity since 1972. This was renamed the RAF Museum Cosford in 1998 when it officially turned out to be a piece of the Museum portfolio. The Museum likewise has two outside stores, one in Stafford and another inside RAF Cosford.

The Royal Air Force Museum is a National Museum, a Government non-departmental open body (NDPB) and an enrolled cause. Our assortment is integral to all that we are and do and involves around 1.3m items which we hold in trust for the individuals of the UK. Our RAF Centenary change in 2018 empowered the Museum to bring an extra 500 articles from our stores to impart to our guests – the majority of which had never been shown.

We are focused on utilizing our assortments to share the account of the Royal Air Force and its kin. We are an instructive cause and whether guests are connecting with our showcases, partaking in conversation and discussion, contemplating our file, holding a corporate occasion in our spaces, having a great time at occasions and in our play area, or getting a charge out of a rest in our bistro, there are open doors for learning and motivation in each pore of our Museum.

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Royal Air force museum is the national museum and its main aim is to reach out to more and more people make them informed about the RAF people, when they visit the museum make them engage in the collections they have for the people and not only that but it also inspires and encourage them to learn. and even it is one of the strategic priority for the museum. The possible alliance the museum can adopt after looking at the strategic priorities is going for licensing the RAF products in the country where the knowledge of the RAF people can be reached and people can know about RAF museum and in way collecting the revenue for the museum to maintain it and transform the way it’s been planned.

The question comes up with which country to go up with the licensing? According to the reposts and going through the RAF website, its clear that the RAF is having an proper alliance with American alliance. And having alliance with American so that it can reach to many people in all, as this alliance helps the RAF branding and marketing the RAF in that particular country.

Unlike the other museum having the partnership with the Universities of London, just like that RAF can also have the partnership with the Aerospace engineering University which can properly will encourage them to learn more about the RAF collection and the people keeping in mind the moto of the museum. And even it can look for licensing the RAF products on the high street of India. It’s just like taking RAF collections to the India, so that people there will also come to know about the museum and even the contribution made by the people. According to the possible strategy these two strategy would be best suited for the museum. As its moto is to reach out to the more people rather than earning the revenue from them. Making pupil aware about the first world war and the second world war through different ways.

Royal Air Force is the national Museum and possible international strategy other than the planned strategy which it can probably opt for the time lap is Licensing products to India. The country like India is chosen for the one main purpose is that the population and eagerness the people having to know about the RAF contribution in first world war and the second world war. And this could be like the two way benefits museum will be able to reach out to people internationally and on the other side the India economy in way will boosted with the image of having the National Museum’s products in the country.

Along with, the other museums in India which are having the products of their own museums, these products would be sold on the high streets of India, and children who are eager to know more about the Air Force these products would really become picky ones for them. RAF has never thought of going to India like this, so this could be the taking a chance of entering the other country with the Products of RAF. 

At last, in report sum up the paper defines the licensing of Museums Products in India. As the museum has its own brand image and people are well aware about the RAF museum. It will not only benefit the RAF museum but it will also benefit the retail sector which is undertaking the RAF products to sell as it will get the National Museum brand image for their sector and eagerness to tie up like this increase their brand image and the name of the Museum which is attached to it.

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