How Did Hitler Become Chancellor Of Germany

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Hitler is most commonly known for the unforgivable deeds that he committed in his lifetime. Those acts were terrible and left a scar on the world that can never be mended. However he was innovative and smart. He promised the people a better life and a new and glorious Germany. The Nazis attracted the unemployed, young people and members of the lower middle class. The party’s rise to power was in March, 1933. Before the economic depression the Nazis were unknown. Hitler was held accountable for WWII, killing more than 50 million people. He was also responsible for the Holocaust, the killing of six million Jews and millions of others. This made him historically significant.

His rise to power was the result of many things such as the impact of the Depression, the weaknesses of Weimar democracy and the strengths of the Nazi party. There were many events to lead up to his rise to power. In 1921, Hitler challenges Anton Drexler to become leader of the Nazi party. After him being resistant, Drexler agrees and Hitler becomes the new leader of the party. In 1932, Hitler became a German citizen which allowed him to stand in the presidential election. Hitler was declared Chancellor in January 1933. In July 1934, after the death of President Hindenburg, Hitler became “Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor”. These were some of the key events to lead up to Hitler’s rise to power.

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Around the time Hitler came to power, the Weimar Republic was in crisis. There were different types of crisis such as political, economic and social. This period, known as The Great Depression, caused Germany to lose its whole economic outlook. People went bankrupt and both jobs and savings were lost. The number of unemployed grew and people starved on the streets. Germany faced yet another major economic and social crisis, only a few years after the trauma of the hyperinflation crisis.Weakness in constitution crippled the government. In fact, there were many people who wanted a return of dictatorship. As people started to perceive democracy as unstable, they began to support fringe radical parties. People wanted a party that will bring a strong leadership and strong state, andthis was exactly what the Nazi Ideology offered. All these things were actually factors in the tremendous build up to the horror that was WW2. After helping Hitler into the governing seat of the Reichstag, the people could do nothing to stop him from what he did in the Second World War.

Germany invading Poland caused the outbreak of World War II. Years before Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he obsessed over race. In his speeches and writings, he spread his beliefs on racial “purity”. Hitler came into contact with antisemitic ideas at an early age. This led to the deaths of more than 6 million Jews, along with other members of the Holocaust. He pronounced that his race must remain pure in order to one day take over the world. For Hitler, the ideal “Aryan” was blonde, blue eyed and tall. Hitler and other Nazi leaders viewed the Jews not as a religious group, but as a poisonous “race”. He tried to “ethnically cleanse” all of the Jews of Germany and Europe. During the war, Hitler tried to exterminate all of the Jews in Western Europe. He would send them to work camps, later known as concentration camps. Many of the people in Germany who didn’t meet Hitler’s standards were also sent to concentration camps. On the contrary, Hitler thought that Germans with blonde hair and blue eyes were the Aryan race, or the superior race. By the end of the war, Hitler killed over 6 million Jews and other innocent people. This all had to do with his views on racial superiority. Hitler caused many people physical and emotional wounds throughout his lifetime. He will always be remembered through his cruel actions towards innocent people. Any people in these camps that Adolf Hitler helped put together were beaten and starved to death, but there are also victims that are still alive to this day and many continue to share their experiences with the world.

In Conclusion, you can now understand that the rise of Adolf Hitler marks a violent chapter in history. With one gun shot in the mouth ended the life of the person who was responsible for millions of deaths. Hitler took the easy way out and did not get to see the effects he caused on the world. He left towns diminished, families torn apart, and possibly the worst of all the deaths of millions and millions of innocent people. To the effect that he gained nothing from all of this.   

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