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Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889, where he grew up until he was 3 years old. He was son of Alois Hitler and his third wife; Klara Polzl. He was the first among his siblings who survived infancy. He was the elder most among three of them; two brothers and one sister.

After his younger brother's death due to Measles, he went into depression, leading him to change his behavior. Many psychiatrists have described that he was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. He always uses to fought against his father and teachers for their advice and route they show to him to be a successful man. At the age of 11, he started secondary school. It was his father plan to send him to a Realschule, where he was going to study Science and technical number because his father wants him to become a high-ranked officer, although he alway preferred drawing and making arts instead. After his father's died, because of his behavior in school he was asked to leave it. After this, he was enrolled in Realschule in Steyr where he was forced to leave it in second year. After this he applied in Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but he was rejected twice because of unfit talent he had. Until, this point of his life he was living a same life as normal non-evil life .

The turning point came when he was accepted to take part in world war 1, to fight for the Bavarian regiment. From early childhood, he was admiring German army and this made him became a passionate German patriot. He was awarded 3 times for his braveness. After returning, he joined German Worker’s Party (later known as NAZI party). Here he met Dietrich Eckart, who later become his political mentor. By his idea and powerful talk, he was quickly promoted to the leader of the Party in 1921. Also, he was sentenced for 6 months for promoting wrong ideas in the party. After returning from there he stood in the election of the president against Paul von Hindenburg. Though he was lacking enough votes, with the help of big Industrialists of that decade he was appointed as a Chancellor of Germany. This made him and his party to took power over Germany. He re-militarized Germany, building powerful air and ground defense force and started World War 2. Starting form Denmark and Germany, he continued getting power over other countries like Netherland, France and Belgium. Now, it was turn for Britain, but new British Prime minister conquer over him using their air force. This made German to target Soviet Union (Russia) but he found that it was wrong decision because of the number of soldiers Russia had. Until this time, due to war and interstate crises, there was an estimated death of 60 million people this includes a huge lot amount of people killed during the war, using nuclear power such as throwing genocides on Europe and killing their own country people who opposed them. This was his short story that how he became a leader and lead to happen World War 2, which was considered as deadliest conflict ever happened in human history. Now let discuss some analyses did on him.


Villain title is a best fit for Hitler. He destroyed mankind with his negative idea just to expands Germany and get power over the other nations. It is a known fact that each and every one this day are taught about this Villain in their class of history and what crimes he had done. There is no fact that deny that Hitler was a cruel and responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. He committed numerous crimes and violent act, and commanded his Nazi party members and followers to kill other and commit atrocities, this cannot be even imagined. For example, they used old army barracks and closed factories to prison innocent one and one who were against them to torture them to led end of their life. Also, with the help of his followers he burned infrastructures; and use of concentration camp where he killed thousand of them with the use of poisonous gases and starving them to dead-end of their valuable lives.

He can be called as a supervillain because he did not show any mercy to anyone who was against him. Even it is said that including millions of dead by Hitler power it also includes one of his cousins. As we know that he builds false motivation and wrong promises to the people of his nation to elect him as a dictator or chancellor and had never completed it. He was also known for his evil ideas and evil ways which he followed to kill and gain power over German and some other nations. There is a no doubt that he was not a supervillain, after leading deaths of millions of innocent people and not letting them live in peace.

For Hitler, politics was not his point of interest until he joined the Nazi party. From his early childhood he believed that he can be a good painter or artist instead. But as everyone else he was a normal student in the school who got numbers of rejection from some good institutes and also kicked from it. But after he joined the Nazi party and getting prompt promotions, he got some motivation to do something for his nation. But no one had ever imagined that his motivation will lead to World War 2 and the destruction of mankind. His motivation was to remove the Jew which he believed that were the cause of German poor standing in world economy and in the list of powerful nations. In addition to this he also believed that Jews were the root of all problems occurring in their nation and wanted to remove the democracy from it. After removing democracy, he made a rule that everyone has to serve for the nation and obey his rule, those who fail to obey, punishment was simply killing them.

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Hitler possessed number of qualities of Villain. For instance, he was a Machiavels villain because he used others to get his position in the Nazi Party and even as a chancellor. He was showing everyone that he was good until he got a total power over nation when he started to complete his motivation/goal, killing people who were non-Aryans and non-Original Germans. Furthermore, he was a great manipulator, he manipulated several circumstances that soldier and other of his non-follower believed in him and supported him for getting good position. In addition, as a Violent villain who equipped idea of killing and starving people who did not followed him. Last but no least, he was a politically motivated villain who used politics as a weapon of his fight. All this made us to fit this Villain in more than one category of the villain.

In the villainy did by Hitler, gender, race, sexuality and nationality were all important factors. To start with, his fight was against non-original Germans which he believed were a bad fortune and reason for bad economy. Even also in his concentration camp he kept Jews, homosexuals, Communists and other to kill them of starvation and killing torturing. In April 1933, he banished Jews from the government jobs and universities and the establishment of boycotting of Jewish shops and stores was carried out. Also, he was trying to flourish the Aryan race and want to clean all other immigrants who came there.

Villainy and Evil:

Motivation of Hitler were clear and distinct. He hated Jews and was the only reason he entered in politics. From the very first day of his promise to his country, he himself promised that he will create a nation just of original Aryans who were originally from Germany. Also, he wants his nation to be powered and governed by their own original German not by Jewish peoples. In addition to this, he wanted to get a seat where he does not have any enemy all with his own followers. Hitlers action were purely evil. He did not care for anyone for achieving his goal. He wants his nation free of Jews, which he managed to achieve. His evil action comprised of killing innocent people by torturing and starving them from food and water. Also, what we call holocaust was raised by him which cause deaths of millions of German citizens. Killing this many people was nothing else other than evil actions.

Same as we are coming on earth without clothes and evilness, he was also a normal citizen of the German nation. Like all of us, he went to the school, had conflicts with his father regarding his studies interest and got protection from his mother. Everything in his life was normal until he realized that he can certainly help German to be free from Jewish people and make a better nation having strong economy and powerful.

It was said by the psychiatrist that he was suffering from the Borderline Personality Disorder when his younger brother died and his behavior was changed complete. But this mental disorder was not considered anywhere else where it can prove that because of his mental instability he created these big conflicts in his nation and leading the World War 2; wipe out of human kinds. So, it was clear that he was responsible for his own evil plan and how he worked into it to achieve it.

For the followers of Nazi party and their leader hitler, whatever he did was seemed to be good. They were under magical power of Hitler who influenced and made them aware of the issue that Jews do not belongs to their nation. They thought that doing this for their nation is patriotism and they were ready for it anytime. In the study and the reading did, it was not found that he did not stated himself as an evil/good, but it is very clear that by his saying what truth was not going to change. There is a no doubt that by saying some good words and wrong manipulation off course can help him to get more and more support for his party and which eventually can lead him to achieve his goal faster.

Of Svendsen’s categories of evil, Hitler belong to idealistic evil. By definition, idealistic evil are those who are justified for some greater cause. Idealistic villains are those who have made a history in mankind whether it is a story or a real life. Adolf Hitler led to the death of millions of people which is going to be immortal in the history of mankind.


Concluding everything, Hilter can be stated as a super villain. He just for his hate for Jewish people led conflicts and wars between his own state and nations with other states and nations respectively. His evil villainy caused death to millions of innocents who ever living on the earth and even those who were going to birth. His villainy will never be forgotten.

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