Worldwide Fight with Rising Sea Levels

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Rising Sea Levels is constantly becoming a bigger fear for people who live in the coast or near the coast, costing millions of dollars and having to evacuate 100’s of thousands of people every year, people just don’t seem to realize that it’s making a huge impact globally and we are doing nothing to stop it. that’s why my solution to rising sea levels would have to be, Taxing carbon Emissions.

Over the last century the sea levels had been increasing steadily due to us the humans and and the fact that we use way to much carbon emission and do nothing to try to stop it. In the last 3 decades the sea has risines up to 5-8 inches. Just in the city of Miami they have had to relocate some people due to it. Costing the State of Florida Billions of Dollars worth of Damage. And they have also had to relocate Thousands of People.

In order to stop Rising Sea levels we have to start taxing for Carbon Emissions. Not just is it affecting the United States, but it’s also affecting us globally. In Europe during the industrial Revolution caused so much carbon emission from the coal burning in there factories that they couldn’t see anything, and it’s still affecting us today. Not just that but Europe is one of the most densely populated continents and more people equals more carbon emissions. But we would have to make big companies follow the law and other countries around the world. If if they were to not ratify the treaty we would have to make drastic measures, cut off all trade with that country

Now that the bill is passed and most of the countries in the world, and if they didn’t follow the bill they would later get taxed with a higher tariff if they where to later on. The bill is now being used around the globe,we would no longer have as much carbon for example Just in some cities in Canada they have placed a carbon tax and it has worked beneficial for them in not having so much smug on the cities but it has also benefited them economically. But you just won’t just see results in cities but you’ll also see results in countries that already have carbon tax rates like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Chile, Sweden and Finland and many more. And some of the countries economic benefits of carbon Taxing is that they didn’t have to waste as much money on stuff as much as they had too.

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