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Worldwide Fight with Rising Sea Levels

Rising Sea Levels is constantly becoming a bigger fear for people who live in the coast or near the coast, costing millions of dollars and having to evacuate 100’s of thousands of people every year, people just don’t seem to realize that it’s making a...

Experienceing a Storm on the Seas

It was a calm, motionless day. The gentle waves shimmered under the rising sun, as if snoozing in their liquid clothes. They rolled up to the pristine beach with its curtained cove, then shuddered and drizzled their sea spray onto the pitted sandy surface. The...

Fish Species IdentifiCation: Species Discrimination And IdentifiCation, Body Elements IdentifiCation, Early Life History Stages Determination

Introduction Fish species identification is historically supported external morphological options, together with body form, pattern of colours, scale size and count, variety and relative position of fins, variety and kind of fin rays, or varied relative measurements of body elements. Gill rakers area unit generally...

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