First Moon Landing: Truth or Lie

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The moon landing happened in 1969, and people still bring it up to this day, must have been a big deal, right? I mean, of course it's a big deal, someone made it to the moon and landed on it, then came back and it was all documented. Did it really happen though? Some people would say, of course it did because they watched the spaceship lift off or that they saw the documented video of it all happening. Statistics have said otherwise though. The conspiracy theory states that the moon landing was fake, I think that is true. There are many reasons why this could be true, such as; the shadows are inaccurate in the video or pictures, the American flag on the moon was waving like it was in the wind, and you can’t see Armstrong’s camera in the pictures. These are all logical reasons on how it could have been faked and a big hoax, just to get people to think it was possible to go beyond just the earth.

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Indeed, even the photograph proof of the Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon has been looked over by moon landing conspiracy theorists. Specifically, they point to a shaded image of the space explorer going up the stepping stool of the Lunar Module Eagle (the spaceship they took). Since the sun was taken cover behind the opposite side of the spaceship, researchers say that it shows up excessively bright in the shadows for the image to be so clearly photographed. They state that they could not have been so clearly captured, but if they had skilled cameras or fake lighting, it was definitely possibly. Conspiracy Theory believers had then dug further and chose to make an imitation of the entire set up. When the copy was done, the scientists included the sun as the primary light source, from the start. At that point, they researched the reflected light from the outside of the moon and shuttle. Then, they found the picture still didn't look very right with simply the daylight. They said how there had to be an extra light source that was missing.

In the event that the space explorers had planted an American Flag on the moon, it would've hung down and sagged like banners do on Earth when there's no wind. This wouldn't make for an extremely engaging photograph, so they state that they added wind with the impacts to the banner so it appeared as though it was waving. Would it have been really cool on the off chance that you couldn't see the American flag, in the photos? No, the answer is no. Although, how could they have added that effected? Researchers say that it would have taken a lot of technology for them to make the flag look good and real as its waving, that's if they had actually went to the moon. On the other hand, non-conspiracy theory believers say that they had been given a flag by NASA that is meant to wave because of its prone horizontal rod that is on the top of the flag. Although, in the pictures there was not that kind of flag because you can tell the top is waving too. You can not see that there is a metal rod on the top, they had brought just a normal flag and that would not have been waving only because there is no wind.

In Armstrongs visor Aldrin was clearly photographed in his visor, yet you can't see a camera in the visor. How a picture like that be taken if his hands are straight out and you can't see a camera there? Which means someone else must be taking of the photograph or it must be photoshopped. They say this because there was no one else there so how might that work? Which would mean this isn't a legit photo taken. Armstrong was not able to walk on the moon with a handheld camera because that would be nearly impossible. The picture seems like that is what he is doing. Yet the camera should have been on or in the helmet. The camera he utilized on the moon was on the helmet of his suit, which is not where the place his hands are in the impression of the image. You can not see the camera however in the impression his visor. Which means there is no camera there, so how might it have been recorded and videoed if there was no camera on his suit?

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