How Conspiracy Theories Actually Help People to Understand the World Better

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There has always been different opinions and theories of life and everything in it. The question we all wonder is, which of them are real? The belief in conspiracy theories has prevailed immensely throughout American and world history. A conspiracy theory is a theory that explains an event or situation as being the result of a secret plot. Why do people believe in such theories? Researchers have found that the reason humans believe in conspiracy theories is due to the desire for understanding and certainty. Searching for answers for certain events has always been ideal in the natural human desire.

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Humans are constantly pondering on the thought of why things happen the way they do. We have all these thoughts and concerns, but we never just ask questions regarding our concerns, we immediately find answers to these questions that of course; possibly are not the true answers. These answers humans explore are answers that are comforting to fit into their worldview. Conspiracy theories are false beliefs, these are things we believe are accurate but in reality, are actually false. For instance, some people believe Barack Obama is Muslim, people who believe this are victims of false beliefs. But then when people in America are hit with factual evidence that Obama, is in fact a citizen of the United States who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Conspiracy theories are all around us. But how do they work, who believes them, and why? What kind of damage can they do—and how can we do a better job of controlling that damage, as individuals and as a society?” (Jimenez) The internet; social media has a very powerful platform that persuades some Americans in believing these different conspiracy theories. Social media has a wide spectrum of these theories, conspiracy theories are far from being new to humans, but the speed and persuasiveness of Twitter and other social media platforms provide fresh ground for different narratives, especially for cruelty events.

Although some conspiracies are not always bad, a conspiracy theory helps people to understand certain things of the world by specifying the effects of important events, which further helps them predict, and anticipate, the future. People have noted that these theories help people comprehend complicated events that they are unable to understand. They do this by referencing these events to a strong and cruel organization.

In conclusion, we kind of have a broad understanding on why people believe and also why some do not believe in conspiracy theories. They believe in conspiracies due to a few basic needs everyone withholds, which include comprehending the world around us, feeling safe and always in control, and maintaining a positive self-image. People all over the nation are more than likely to believe in conspiracy theories, by doing that they are confronted with societal crisis situations. Some of these theories are getting out of hand. But the real question is do these conspiracy-theory beliefs actually help people satisfy the basic needs of humans?

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