Possible Risks During the Space Exploration

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Space exploration has been around for a while now and it has been an amazing achievement but it was not really necessary. See space exploration is extremely expensive. So if one thinks about it that money could be used for other things for example medical equipment and supplies. So that is why space exploration is needed and has never has been.

Launching a rocket can be up to 500 million dollars and it is a very risky. There has been 7 rocket launch fails and there is a thin line between success and failure. Four out of the seven have had people been killed, that is 18 astronauts that have killed and lets not forget the cost. That would be about 3.5 dollars wasted down the drain. If NASA will not stop space exploration then a solution would be rovers the cost a little more to launch but no ones life is at risk and the rate launch is more successful there have been seven rover launches and only two have failed. Another thing about rover is that they can stay on planets for a long time.

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Astronauts who have been to space have lost a lot of body fluids and 22% of blood volume. Since there is less blood for the heart to pump it will atrophy, which basically means it will waste away. It also causes low blood pressure and can produce a problem orthostatic tolerance which is the body's way to send enough oxygen to the brain. Also the atrophy of muscles in space can affect not only the performance of astronauts during missions, but it can lead to severe muscle injuries when the astronauts return to earth.

As people age on earth, muscle tissue tends to loose elasticity. Space Radiation is one of the main health hazards of spaceflight It is dangerous because it has sufficient energy to change or break DNA molecules, which can damage or kill a cell. It has a long time effect on astronauts, so it is not really worth it.

Space exploration is also bad for the environment because most rockets propelled by liquid hydrogen fuel, which produces clean water vapour exhaust, but the production of hydrogen itself can cause significant carbon emissions. Rocket engines release trace gases into the upper atmosphere that contribute to ozone depletion, as well as particles of soot. Rocket launches are none the less relatively infrequent, meaning that their overall impact on our climate remains much smaller than aviation. But it is not just our immediate environment space garbage is a growing problem as unused satellites and other objects gather in our planet’s orbit.

Therefore humans on this planet should end space exploration because it is honestly doing more harm the good. NASA is wasting money, polluting the environment, and ruining the astronauts lives. So think about it next time one tries to help nasa with their funding.

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