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Scientific Revolution And The Death Of Nature By Carolyn Merchant

Carolyn Merchant’s book is about the Frankfurt school’s analysis of human domination with today’s modern world consisting of socialist ecologists, ecofeminists, people of colour, spiritual ecologists and post-modern scientists. Merchant starts off by explaining domination with regard to human-human or human-nature interactions. The issue of...

Ghostwriting: Its Myths, Ethics, And Real Advantages

Have you ever come across the term ghostwriting? You surely should know what it is especially if you were a student or if your life was in some way connected to the academic world. So what does the job of a ghostwriter really mean? Why...

Unveiling the Mask: The Discourse on Francis Bacon’s Idols of Human Mind

Sensationalism, Censorship and superseding opinions- these are the underlying actuations that continue to countermand the reality of the globe. It is like a parasite that continues to feed on the host and in the long run, leaves the host to suffer and be ill. Sensationalism,...

The Main Ideas of Francis Bacon's Philosophy in "Novum Organum"

Francis Bacon was an English philosopher from the late 1500s to the early 1600s who based his works around the development the scientific method that still remained influential in our science today. In book I of Novum Organum, section cxxv, Bacon bases his main ideas...

Overview of Francis Bacon’s Four Idols of the Mind

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An idol is defined as a person or thing that is deeply admired, cherished, or revered. In Francis Bacon’s book Novum Organon, he classified four intellectual fallacies of his time, which he called ‘idols’. These idols were distinguished as: the idols of the tribe, the...

Comparison of Francis Bacon's and Aristotle's Ways of Science

Francis Bacon's way of science, unlike Aristotle, is arguing rationally by using logic. He believed that natural philosophers should help improve the comfort and wellbeing of humanity through advances in technology. He believed that manipulating nature meant by deriving useful arts also know as “techne”.In...

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