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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking a Gap Year

The debate is going on whether children should opt for higher education or should take a year off before pursuing further education. There has been an increasing trend amongst youth to take gap years after completion of their school and before beginning their further education....

Gaining More Experience by Taking a Gap Year

Understanding the mind of those who commit a crime and the process of identifying and studying crime, order and criminal justice, delving deep into the causes, social impact and prevention are extremely interesting to me. In the future, I aspire to become a detective or...

Gap Year as a Way to Achieve Academic Goals in Sociology

My interest in Sociology began when I studied it during my A-Level programme. As I appreciated learning to understand the patterns of social relationships and social evolution, I could see how the study to sociology touches every part of our lives. I love analysing the...

The Impact of the Gap Year on Personal Development

I strongly believe that deciding to take what is called a “gap year” after the matric year does not lead to failure in life. The school curriculum is extremely structured and students are therefore restricted and not given that much space to discover their interests....

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