Expectations Vs Reality Of University Life Opposed To High School

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As soon as I read my name on the merit list of FMU my happiness knew no bounds. As my dream was coming true, I started to dream about my university life too. I have heard from my brother that university life is quite easy as compared to school and college life. Its up to you to attend the lecture.University life is tension free.. After securing admission I was satisfied that it is going to be as good as I imagined it to be. Before starting of classes I was excited about making new friends,attending few lectures and having lots of fun. 

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Finally after all necessary procedures and white coat ceremony I went to university on my first day in uniform that was quite disappointing. On our first day all of us were happy on wearing new white overall. Very first day our teacher started to give lecture in our first class. Then we went to lecture hall to attend more lectures regarding ethics and one thing that everyone was repeating was to follow your dreams, focus on goals and work hard and study regularly. In DH we made noise and forget tiredness of the day.

After days of doing nothing it was tough to again start getting up and going to the university in uniform. People from different regions and different kinds were there. I couldn't adjust easily but with passage of time I get to know everyone. Finding someone with whom your personality matches isn't easy. I made lots of friends that are very dear to me. First substage announcement made us anxious as it was our first test here. Passing 50 percent was seeming easy in start but after we gave our first test only, I know how I felt uneasy and worried about my results. Medical studies aren't a piece of cake.

As far as I experienced it wasn't easy as expected. You can't even imagine to skip lecture if you are coward or bookworm. In lecture you can sleep or use mobile only if you are a good actor. Need to be careful as not only teacher but many people observe you in lecture hall. It is tough but has its own charms. Friends in university are really a blessing as they can turn your bad day into something you can't even imagine. Attending different functions was fun with them. It is thrilling with its fears and joys.

Happiness is something different that you have to find within yourself. In medical life where study is necessary to pass the tests a little rudeness, excitement, liveliness, humour and enjoyment is also necessary so you can pace with the challenges of university life. To make long story short I am still struggling with my university life and don't know what it will bring to me and how many lessons I will get from here and how many people I will meet here is still a mystery. I don't know what is going to happen next and how it is going to end but I am hopeful that it will be best and I want to enjoy it to its full and avail the chance of fulfilling my dream as it's my first university life.

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