My Experience Of Studying At High School & College

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When it comes to childhood, nobody fully prepared me for the complete role of the task when it came to becoming an adult. People often think college is a step above from high school but there are many differences between high school and college. High school was not really a big change to adjust to for me, because my parents were always on my side and at each and every parent committee team or parent meeting. In high school everything was spoon feed to many of us. In high school, most of my classes were assigned to me and I was supplied with many of my classroom materials and books needed for that assigned class.

In college, I learned it is my responsibility to sign up for the classes that I needed to take to graduate. If needed helped, it would be my responsibility to meet up with my counselor to receive help. In high school tests usually occur more often, cover less material, and countless toward my overall course grade than college exams do. In college, I will probably only have two or three exams per course, and they usually cover several chapters and are worth a larger percentage of my final grade. Most of the time, my professors will not review exam material with me before the test; it will be my responsibility to study my notes. Like in high school it felt as if we were a family and I had a lot of support. For instance if I were to slip up on an assignment the teachers were lenient enough and allowed me extra time to complete missed assignments or even give second chances.

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In high school classes were on a “A schedule” meaning I went to all seven classes each and every day. In college I only have two classes a day which is easier to manage my time and get all of my work done. College is not what everyone makes it seem like, it is all about time management. I also do not find college hard as many would say. My classes are like an extension of high school. Leaving from high school it is imperative that we retain all of the information high school has taught us. Also I experience many of my professors don’t take attendance or have the time to make sure everyone has attended class. If I miss a class, it is my responsibility to make sure I get all the necessary material such as notes or work from a classmate or either my professor. In college everything that I do is my responsibility and no one is going to spoon feed me or tell me every little thing. Also it is my responsible for remembering important deadlines, my parents will not be communicating with my professors, and will have no idea when my assignments are due. Also, I experience my professors sometimes do not have time to help me after class like in high school. If I want one on one time many professors will recommend me to set up an appointment during his/her office hours. Usually when making an appointment I will email my professor and let them know.

Being a student here at Albany State it feels like I have to come out of pocket spending money on food, snacks etc., although I have my Ram ID Card (which is a loaded card with money to swipe to eat in the cafe) Just imagine eating in the cafe everyday, the food starts to taste bland and nasty , my sister cousin and I always end up spending money not just only for food but for cleaning supplies for the room , supplies for class and also sometime scantrons for test. In high school the teachers provided everything and even also when it was time for lunch the school provided free lunch for many of the students including myself. This college experience really teaches me a lot about being me an adult. This is preparing me for the real world, not only just for career but also for budgeting my money and buying important things. I've noticed I sometimes I just spend money because I know I have money. Which is not very good. Also, here at school I noticed there many resources here on campus. Paying for my school tuition they have so many resources on campus. The writing center, math center, lab center etc. In high school we had tutors but it didn't feel like they would spend time really helping me with my assignments. They would answer 1 or 2 questions and they would dismiss me. College has more helpful resources.

Being a social butterfly in high school made it easier to become friends with people and I had tons of opportunities to be social and make friends in college. There will be sports teams to join, parties to go to, clubs you can be part of, and more. Most colleges are large enough to have something for everyone, so you’re bound to find an activity you’re interested in, whether that’s a recreational hockey team, the student government group, a club focused on promoting renewable energy, and more. There are also likely many more students at your college than there were at your high school, so your opportunities for making friends will multiply as well. However, you do need to make an effort to get the most out of these opportunities. Push yourself to try new things and strike up conversations with new people, and if you're feeling nervous, just remember that they're likely feeling the same way. Standard questions to ask new people you meet in college include: Where are you from? What dorm do you live in? What are you majoring in? Get ready to ask and be asked these questions a lot!

In high school, you probably had daily homework assignments you had to complete and got a grade for. These, along with some larger projects, quizzes, and tests made up your final class grade. If you got a low score in one, it was usually fine since there were plenty of other chances to make up for the low grade. Once I started college, you may find that many classes have far fewer assignments, meaning you’ll receive fewer grades and each of those grades are worth more. Instead of regular homework assignments and quizzes, many college classes are based only on a midterm grade and a final grade. This means you need to take those exams/papers/projects very seriously because if you mess up on one of them it’ll be very hard to raise your class grade back to where you want it to be.

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