Pros And Cons Of Going To College

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Do you know what it’s like to have to choose what to get? Many college students have to do this daily for they have the choice to eat or not because they have loans to pay back because of the high tuition rates that college charges. This is important to many different people just because so many people worry about having, the money to go to college or having the money to put their kids through college. College is something that should be free for all backgrounds and ways of life.

This writing is here because of the trouble of many students having to deal with the cost of college. The college has been here for many years and doesn’t plan on leaving but it also has cost more and more with each year that passes. Students are having to find jobs just to make ends meet when in school because they can’t afford to focus on college and not have the money to pay for other things they need like food. Students could lose their minds or because worried about many different things which are causing students to have to get help after school or not even getting the job, they wanted in the first place.

The first college is a hard thing to get into, but colleges are unfairly limited to middle to lower-class income citizens. College is something a lot of people think about but aren’t able to go because the cost of college is out of reach of many people with little or high income. It causing students and parents to stress about when bills can be paid or how they will because there are fees that always come up that have to be paid just go to class or get to walk the stage. This is meaning that people are having to worry about this because the cost is on the rise and not planning to stop. Colleges make you have to pay different fees before considering you as a student. Most schools require students to take the SAT in which costs money. Students are faced with problems concerning money long before entering college and having to pay tuition. Students are having to apply for more loans than needed just to pay the boards back because the fees are too high and are climbing. Students are drowning in debt due to loans which lead them to have to ask for forgiveness from banks. Loans are causing students to ask the courts for help with the loans they got. Students are having to find ways to make ends meet and pay the bills that got over the years as college students.

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Even though there are grants, They are hard to get and it is unfairly giving to people that do not need the grants which do help pay but it’s not enough for the cost of college. Private college is where students pay to get away from the other people so they don’t have to deal with what they are learning while the public should be free for anyone to get but the college boards don’t want that to happens. College makes more money than most businesses around them because you need college just to do anything in today’s world. They get the money from all of the tuition they charge to students and many different things that the students have to pay for. Schools are getting to where students aren’t able to keep up with the cost of living with the bills they pay. They have to pay for other things like the cost of gas, living, or food they have to get. Not only do you have to pay for college tuition, but things outside of school such as gas. The pubic school is schools that people go to when they can’t afford private because college is something that is needed to get a higher paying job. Most employers are looking for someone with a higher degree in the field. Public colleges are where students go to better themselves. Not only do you think about school bills add from different things that are needed and with the help of college students a hoping to find a better paying job.

College is something you need nowadays just to get a job to pay bills but is too hard to get into college or even pay it. College is a thing of beauty and where people come to find who they want to be or what they want to do. It makes students worry too much about their future. College is where students find who they are as a person, but can’t due to having to benign stopped by picking food or having to pay loans back. Students discover what their weaknesses and strengths are which are hard to find with all the debt that is due. Students have a better understanding of who they are with the use of learning what they can undergo to get things done. College is where brotherhood or sisterhood is formed and never to be broken unless bills come in between or grades keep students from getting the grants to need to pay for such bills. College is where students build bonds with other students With students helping out others when they can by doing the little things that many would take for granted. Paying back debt will bring out the good in a lot of people because it shows what you are made of and things you can do. People do new things while in school they thought they would never do Like skipping a meal or two to pay overdue bills. A kid might skip a meal if he knows that his bills are due and he does not have the money to pay it so he will just skip a meal to pay the bill to keep going with his classes. Students become unfit and have eating problems where they do not eat enough food and end a very bad thing. College should be something everyone looks for but many look away from it because they know of the pain and heartache it will bring.

People say college is business and need to make money too. They give students to operation to make a better life for themselves to make life easy. Young Adults that are in college or on the way to college need to listen up. They will say that college is something that needs to be paid for. They might cite work on the benefits of college to get more people to go to college. How the use of college is an investment in the student future and students need to go to college to better themself or their family. The college does indeed help benefit students and prepare them for the real world. It is also true that it is an investment. It is also true that college will help get the student to do many things for themselves or their family. But this doesn’t say anything to do with the cost of college because they want to take your money to better them self’s not the students because the boards only care about the numbers they get and don’t care if a student gets left behind. After all, they already got the money. In the work of U.S. college enrollment statistics for public and private colleges from 1965 to 2016 and projections up to 2028, it is talking about the students and how many there is and there are about 20 million college students for the year of 2019 which all pay different tuitions by this is meaning that the college board are making billions of dollars and don’t need the money they get but they still charge and are charging more every year. College is something that many people like forward to but do not do anything about it because they cannot afford to go. They sit at home and try to make it in today’s world even though you need to go to college. That’s why college should be free for all no matter the background or home they come from because education is something that is needed and will keep the students from causing an outbreak.

To end it all, college is a thing that many students skip just because of the cost but they shouldn’t have to worry about the cost it should be a non-profit thing where students can learn and bring back work to their community and keep this place our place a better world. The cost of college is a big part of all student’s budgets no matter the person because college is a big deal and has to be done. College is something that is need and students have to deal with this every year thinking how they will pay but they don’t get the help they need they have to worrier about it because they didn’t get the grants they need. College is a big cost in today’s world and many have to choose to go or not because of the cost if it was free the amount of crime rate would go down and cause there to be fewer bad things happening in today’s community. This is important because colleges do bring in a lot of taxes but they don’t help where they can they just think about the money they don’t care if someone doesn’t eat, they just need to get the money to pay their boards. Something has to change for the better of today’s world to stop all of these students from not going to school and keeping them off of the streets.   

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