Beneficial Role of Mentor in a Student’s Life

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Have the thought of finding a mentor ever crossed your mind? Often there are times when students seem perplexed looking at the various career opportunities the world has to offer. Everything seems so overwhelming, that it becomes difficult to choose the right career path. No matter what the situation is, a mentor can help.

A mentor can be a friend, guide, teacher, advisor, instructor, guru, coach etc. Mentors keep your best interests, abilities, skills and talents in mind, thereby helping you reach your highest potential. By providing information, guidance and encouragement, mentors can play an important role in nurturing your career aspirations.

A mentor can have a lasting impact on the life of a student. Read below to know some of the ways a mentor can help you.

Acknowledges your shortcomings

If you are trying to work towards improving your score, it is imperative for you to know exactly what is weighing you down and making it more difficult to score. There are chances that you may come across many of your shortcomings which would help you to work towards eliminating them. However, sometimes the biggest flaws are the ones we are not able to figure out. The role of a mentor is crucial here as he/she can give you an outside perspective and help to point out weaknesses that you were unaware of.

Provides an insight

It is well acknowledged that mentors have a considerable experience. Your mentor might have gone through similar stages that you are probably going through right now. This experience helps him/her to advise you on how to handle specific situations and how to focus your energy in the right direction. He/she will help you to gain a better perspective on what to and what not to prioritize on your journey towards success.

Provides Professional Guidance

The role of a mentor is important as he/she provides professional guidance and support which can help facilitate and uplift your career. He/she helps evolve your thinking, shows you different paths, gives you advice and teaches you techniques to handle the situation differently.

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Mentors work to bring out the best in you. They help you with your dreams, passions, strengths and skills and strive to find opportunities and outlets to enhance these skills. He/she helps you to work clearly towards your future, makes you more confident and motivates you to work hard. In addition, mentors help to lighten your career stress. Like nurturers, they guide you, teach you and support you when you fall down.

Develops your strengths

Just like knowing your shortcomings, knowing your strengths is also imperative while preparing for the exams. Everyone knows best what they are good at. However, a mentor may be able to point out some assets you may not be fully aware of. A mentor hones your strengths and skills, and prepares you for tough challenges ahead. In addition, a mentor can also help you develop an ordinary skill into a strong one. He/she can help identify areas that you can work on, thereby making you stronger.

Helps discuss difficult decisions

Sometimes all you need is someone to lend you a caring ear to share all your troubles, someone to give you guidance and steer you in the right direction and that’s exactly what a mentor does. A mentor has a different outlook and is able to give you advice without having a stake in the situation. Often you are unable to discuss a lot of things with others. A mentor provides the wisdom and knowledge necessary for quality opinions and can help you discuss your options.

Helps in Career Exploration

Mentors like a career counsellor can help in career exploration. You can discuss possibilities of a career with them and get direction towards your goal. A mentor gives you a direction. They help you break out of your comfort zone, encourage you to keep improving and push you into new experiences.

Gives Confidence Boost

With a rigid curriculum, numerous exams and assignments and plenty of studying, it’s not unusual for students to feel overwhelmed and anxious. It is possible that you may have made a wrong choice or maybe you are unable to meet the many challenges involved in the program. At times like these, having someone to encourage you can give your confidence a boost and motivate you to set your targets higher.

In short, having a mentor is vital for a thriving career. And we believe one such mentor can be Aakash. Aakash aims to give direction to your dreams so that you can aim to prepare for a successful career ahead. So don’t miss out on the guidance that a mentor can bring to boost your preparation. It is rightly said that a mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight. Mentors are like gurus. They have the skills and experience and knowledge gained over the years. So make the most of their learning and gain benefit from their experiences and perspectives.

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