Effects of Virtual Social Network on Sleep Disorders of the Students

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Typically, the most avid and heavy users of the social media are the youngsters and also the students so, this article is insightful and informative because the author present the main issue focused on the effects of social network and the engagement among young people. Unfortunately, the authors fail to persuade the readers because his statement relies on unsupported claims and opinions rather than logical statements.

This article stress on the overuse of electrical for social media contributes with sleep lateness and leads to disorders in sleep qualities. It can be proven when there is a study that validated the argument of the authors where more than 97 percent of American teens use electronic media as fun and game in bed room that has been said maybe it has a negative impact. The main point of the study is in conjunction with the author’s purpose which is to inform the influence of social networks on sleep patterns in the context of medical students of Shushtar city. The case study presented in this article is well organised because the researchers addressed the readers by emphasizing the problems related social network and the quality sleeps among the students. The issue that presents in the article is relatable to students as they are lacking of sleep because of social network as it dominates them and they become addictive to it. Hence, the research support the main idea of the authors because the finding shows that there is direct and significant correlation between both variables. However, this article contains its strengths and weaknesses that contributed to the understanding of the issue. There are a few issues and problems that can be found that made the article contents more confusing after continue reading it. How convincing though the ideas about the relationship between the uses of social media with the quality sleep on students of Faculty Medical Sciences of Shushtar? First of all, the researchers draw an overview for the readers by presenting the meaning of sleep and social media so people will understand the definition of it. The meaning is quite understandable but not convincing enough. This is because, they only use their own interpretation about it and there is no evidence at all in the essay. For example, they stated about sleep disorders lead to problems such as sleepiness, exhaustion at daytime, headache and also poor performance of course and university schedules. They should include where the information comes from or else it would not persuade to continue reading the journal. Other than that, the authors tell the reader the information on population of Iranian users of Facebook and stated that it was taken from some sources. They should be specific with the information that they told so people will not be misunderstood with it. Hence, the authors can therefore be criticized for a lack of evidence to support this view.

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Another questionable aspect that can be found in the text is the thesis statement. There are differences of thesis statement between the introduction and methods of the research. Firstly in introduction, the investigation is about the influence of social networks on sleep’s patterns of medical students of Shushtar city whereas in the finding, the study is about the relation between the personality traits, pattern sleep and amount and the reasons for students use the social media. It is quite confusing with the aim of the study because of the statement presented by the researchers. In addition, the authors propose a solution in the abstract to overcome this problem, “apply the intervening programs for optimal use of social networks with the aim of improving the student’s quality of sleep” (p.3). They tell in general to apply to do intervention programs for optimal use of social media without telling how they should do it. This does not sound very plausible. They should give suggestions on how to get quality of sleep which is by minimising the usage of social network.

A final shortcoming issue in the text is about the method on how they evaluate the research. The method that has been used in the research is, they had conducted a survey among 204 students by distributing questionnaire towards them. In the research, more systematic and comprehensive method should be used because there is a possibility that students might cheat when answering those questions. It would be interesting if the researcher conduct an experiment so they will get the real observation and answers based on the experiment.

Despite those criticisms, there is still positive view that can be found in the article. The finding in the studies is quite convincing because the sampling for the research is the students from different categories and ages. Based on the study, there are 16 groups of students; single, native, non0native, midwifery- By having different types group of students, there will be no bias between each other. Besides that, the result is shown in the form of number by calculate using statistics because according to (Dennis, 2008) statistics is reliable if it is based on the actual test result data and provides it with the probability statement. Thus, the issue of sleep disturbances among students is very common when it is related with the usage of social media as they become addictive towards it. In summary, the journal has proposed a good idea in the abstract that attract reader to continue reading the research. However, the way author elaborate their study is quite confusing especially their thesis statement is different between the introduction and method. This article is quite useful because it is supported by the method of the study but the way the authors present their article is the main problem to persuade the readers. Plus, the researchers also could include ways on how to curb the problems among the young people.

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