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Organ Donation and Brain Death from Buddhist's Perspectives 

Modern scientific and technological developments have contributed to mass production. There have arisen many issues which affect human health both physical and mental are related, regarding to ethical criteria in physical medicine. This paper will discuss brain death and organ transplantation from Buddhists perspectives. There...

Research on the 3D Bioprinting with Organ and Tissue Transplants

The process of transplanting organs has been helping those in need for decades, tracing back all the way to the 1950’s. Organ transplants allow doctors to save the lives of millions of patients, but the demand for donors is ever-growing. Because of this, there is...

The Main Facts about Organ Transplantation

Introduction As part of our Cellular Organization Unit, we have learned that specialized cells form tissues, which in turn make up organs - structures of distinct functions, vital to the survival of every multicellular organism. Advances in Medicine and Technology have made it possible to...

Organ Donation, the Noblest Thing an Individual Can Do

Organ gift is an unadulterated demonstration of generosity. Nonetheless, it is regularly bantered about whether it ought to be required or not. Giving your organ is a social reason which is all together a choice of the individual who is happy to give his or...

A Discussion on Whether Organ Donation Should Be Made Mandatory

The perpetual debate regarding the mandatory nature of organ donation remains inconclusive. Anyone wishing to donate their organs demonstrates a sense of social responsibility and kindness. This act should always be conducted with integrity and the hope of saving lives, as well as providing solace...

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