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Narcolepsy: The Affliction of the Focal Sensory System

Narcolepsy is an interminable affliction of the focal sensory system. Over the top daytime transitory state is the most common manifestation and is a blessing in one hundred percent of patients with hypersomnia. Other essential indications of narcolepsy include: Rest loss of motion Losing tone...

The Methods to Avoid Jet Lag and Reduce Symptoms

Dealing with jet lag is one of the worst parts of traveling. Traveling to a different time zone can completely disrupt your normal circadian rhythm, making it difficult to go to bed and wake up. This disrupted sleep pattern can affect your concentration and mood...

Sleep And It's Impact On Students

Nowadays, an entire diversity of pernicious factors that severely affect the human body can be observed, such as, depletion of the environment, the rapid pace of modern life, malnutrition, constant stress, and consistent disturbance of the daily regime. These factors may induce one to feel...

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