Nouran Wael: Ambassador at Arab Youth Model United Nations for Egypt

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Nouran Wael is ambassador of this Model United Nations for Egypt. She is an Egyptian Art student and has represented her country at various forums including the Song Ching Ling International summer camp at 2014. She has worked with UNICEF and Help the children Foundation, trying to find equality for women and children by fulfilling their needs and has helped in their grooming. She has an inventive mind and in order to help the recycling efforts in her community, she made her own Mechanical Machine that could recycle rubbish and help in providing a healthy and clean lifestyle. Her efforts were lauded at the Egyptian media as well. Nouran is an active organizer and has participated in many events and community service projects in her country. A promising future leader, she was a delegate at Asia Youth International Model United Nations at Bangkok, Thailand.

Model United Nations or MUN conferences are the simulations of the United Nations conferences. These involve activities and educational tasks where young students are given opportunities to learn about various skills that can help in personality development. Various skills that are targeted in these events are public speaking, debating, critical thinking which is essential in the creation of a leader. MUN provides a chance to gain knowledge about diplomacy and handling of international relations. These events are organized at school, college, university level as well as independently by several organizations that target a specific region. Students and young leaders are engaged through it and learn about the current and ongoing global issues. The committee sessions may include the following: UNESCO, UNDP, WHO, OIC, UNSC, DISEC, etc. Sometimes these can be tailored according to the type of conference.

The Model United Nations conference has participants who are often called as delegates and they are assigned countries which they must represent in stimulatory meetings and discussion forums. They can also be assigned organizations and political leaders, and all of this is done beforehand. The assignments and topics are presented to them in advance so that the delegates can do research and prepare themselves. They gather points and make an agenda which they can present and debate upon during the committee sessions. Delegates are often advised to stay guarded and prepared to receive critical queries regarding their positions and stance on the issue they discuss and talk about. At the end of MUN conferences, each committee’s best-performing participants are awarded and recognized with certificates and shields. This serves as a confidence booster as well.

Taking apart in model United Nations conference helps in fostering a dialogue between different individuals and helps in improving public speaking and communication skills. The different committees such as the crisis committee deal with the scenarios relating to their specifications either in modern or historical context. This helps students to adapt and counter unexpected situations and moments. Different academic processes are used to approach policy and diplomacy. In our event we have delegates from various nations such as ambassador of Model United Nations form Egypt.

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