The Impacts JROTC Program Had on Me

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In today’s society, emotional intelligence is deemed essential to become an effective leader. Individuals who possess a high degree of emotional intelligence (EQ), acquire five common traits: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. High school students enrolled in Junior ROTC become leaders by learning how to recognize and regulate individual and interpersonal emotions. The outcome of being part of an organization such as JROTC teaches confidence, commitment, compassion, and communication.

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What qualities make great leaders? Well, to be a good leader, you have to be a good follower. Leaders are the people who are able to think and act under stress. They are the people who others look upon for guidance, support, and safety. There five important traits: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. To be self-aware is to understand the affect and impression one has on others. This leads to self-regulation, taking responsibility for actions and deeds. Effective leaders use motivation to drive others to accomplish a task by showing charisma and boosting morale. Common interest and bonds form within a team creating empathy for one another. And lastly, social skills are developed to build and manage relationships. Those who acquire all five skills are influential leaders who find success by relating to others.

All actions are made from decision in consequence of our emotions. To make a good decision is to understand the environment. Part of this is attributed to perception to anticipate an appropriate action. Junior ROTC has taught me how to identify and settle issue within and outside of the classroom. Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool that can be used to evaluate every situation to resolve conflict in a positive way. Additionally, I have learned many morals and values- loyalty, respect, honor, and personal courage. And more importantly JROTC has instilled within me a profoundness of being a part of something greater than myself. Everyday I have the privilege to affect my peers in a positive way to influence them to become better people.

The affect of Junior ROTC on me has been astounding. The way I carry myself changed from reserved to resounding. My first day in JROTC was memorable- I was a nervous mess, late to class, in a new school, amongst people I did not know. Luckily the shock wore off and I broke out of my shell through the guidance of the program. The most profound attribute I have learned from the program has been confidence.
And soon, followed perseverance, compassion, and communication. As the years pass I also received new responsibilities to guide cadets within the classroom.

The impact of JROTC on many cadets are profound.
Often, this program is the door to a bright future for many cadets. Through better understanding of individual and interpersonal emotions you can become a better leader. It is remarkable to be a positive impact on others. By joining JROTC I have better myself, my peers, and my environment.

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