Why Tears Come Out When We Become Emotional

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Do you know according to science, only humans tears can come out when they become emotional? There are two reasons for tears. 1. maybe he/she is too much sad, 2. maybe something went into her/his eyes. ( or maybe he/she lying that something went into eyes). But if you are interested in science then science can tell you if he/she lying or something went into eyes! how? let’s find out.

Sadness, pain, hurt makes us cry but why? tears come out when you get something in your eyes because our eyes want to clean out that dust/particle but tears in sadness or happiness?

Humans can make three types of tears, although they look similar to water but are different from each other. Three types of tears names are the following:

  1. Psychic Tears
  2. Reflex Tears
  3. Basal Tears

Basal Tears

These type of tears keeps out almost all-day because our eyes need to be wet for normal function. If basal tears do not come out then our eyes can be damaged due to blinking, to stopping this friction, the eyes make basal tears. The question in the mind that why this tears not come out from the eyes? because in eyes there is a drainage system in the corner of the eyes just like a hole in the sink.

Reflex Tears

These type of tear comes out due to stimulus-response. For example, if anything gets into eyes like dust particles/chilly during this, eyes produce tears from lacrimal glands. These are too much that can’t be handled by the eye’s drainage system that is why they come out from eyes. In our body, tears make lacrimal gland in the top of the eyes.

Psychic Tears

Mainly tears made from three things:

  1. Salt
  2. Protein
  3. Enzymes (antibacterial)

All three types of tears have a different quantity of salt, proteins, and enzymes. some have more salt fewer proteins, some have more enzymes and fewer salt. There is more protein in tears which comes out due to emotions (psychic tears) and in these proteins, these proteins have also stress hormones and pain killer. Yes! tears due to emotions have pain killer which can relief to fewer your pain and to make you relax, there are antistress chemicals. Also due to emotion tears, there is involvement of the brain’s hypothalamus. It is part of the brain that controls emotions.

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We learned that how many types of tears and they have different quantity of salt, proteins, and enzymes. It is easy to understand about basal tears and reflex tears that why tears come out but why tears come out due to emotion? According to evolution, human use different types of body language to communicate like shaking hands, mock, winking. Maybe emotions tears enroll themselves to one if this.

We notice in the daily routine that if a person tells you that he/she is sad (hurt), maybe you can’t believe or be sympathetic but you will believe more if a person tells you his/her sadness with crying but it not only limited to crying. You will find this more in children’s if a baby is hungry, need sleeping, etc.crying is the only response. For mothers, it is a very important indication for their crying children. Many mothers can judge their kids crying is fake or real, the tear is an important aspect for this. Sometimes baby just cry for taking attention and usually tears don’t come out but if a baby is really in pain or hunger then mostly tears come out.

If two girls asking for help and one of them is looking sad and second one is crying then there is a more chance that you help for a crying girl, the same matter will be more prominent for men, you will prefer to help crying man. (even it is possible, that sad man want to help to that crying man). Because in emotions’ level, tears can wake-up our emotions which is kind, helpful, and have good intention. Usually, it is difficult for a human that another person cries in front of him.

Other animals have tears also but it is the only human which tears come out due to emotions.

Tears in happiness

Science doesn’t know exactly why humans cry in happiness but perhaps, we out our sad tears in happiness, for example:

In a marriage, women cry mostly in Asian side not because they are starting a new chapter of life but maybe because they have ended their past life chapter. Crying after graduation, not because happiness but because you are now no part of the university and will miss your friends.

Meet your loved ones after so long time but because you waited for them for so long time.

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