Sony'S Waste Elimination And Quality Enhancement Strategies

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Sony only uses recycled materials to construct its products, and Xperia ZR is a good example of Sony's commitment to building a sustainable future. The environmental management system of Sony is based on the ISO14001 international standard. Below are the sustainability reports describing its activities over the past year. The total value chain of Sony's greenhouse gas emissions is estimated to be 13.39 million tonnes. The largest volume of emissions was from energy consumed during product use, i.e. approximately 10 million tonnes. The remainder amounted to approximately 3 million tons from the procurement of goods and services, including raw materials.

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The Sony Group used 18,000 tons of recycled plastics in its products. This accounts for 66 percent of the recycled plastic content of scraps and other waste produced by manufacturing. Sony also promotes the recovery and recycling process for its used products. Sony has begun to use Sustainable Recycled Plastics (SORPLAS), a flame retardant recycled plastic. It also achieves an outstanding utilization rate of up to 99 percent of plastic waste. The use of SORPLAS has been made to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent in the production of products. SORPLAS was used for the first time by Sony in 2011. External sales began in 2014. Sony made SORPLAS widely available outside the group to support the recycling of resources and to contribute to a society with reduced environmental impacts.

All Sony Group sites are struggling to cut the waste. Sony needs to fill many gaps concerning this rate of landfill. According to the report, Sony's diversion rate is said to be 55%. Previously, wooden planks from speaker cabinets had been disposed of as landfills because the vinyl sheets attached to them made it difficult for them to recycle. Sony has found a way to isolate the vinyl sheets from the wooden Planck after numerous efforts. This resulted in a reduction in the amount of landfill waste disposed of. Sony aims at increasing the amount of waste disposed of in landfills by recycling waste at their sites, as noted above.

As part of its focus on reducing environmental impact, Sony is implementing its renewable energy at workplaces and offices across the Sony Group. Sony has aimed to use renewable energy to reduce combined CO2 emissions by 300,000 tons by 2020. Except for Europe, electricity generated by the renewable energy used by the Sony Group accounts for around 5% worldwide. In Europe alone, Sony has used 100% renewable electricity since 2008. This initiative was taken in Europe in 2002.

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