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Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Implications for Their Use

Global Energy Issues Every year we use 35 billion barrels of oil which means if we keep using it the Earth will pollute. The scientist said we had used 40% of the Earth’s fossil fuels and we use all up about 50 years later and...

Micro Hydroelectric Plant Feasibility Study In Swat, Pakistan

Abstract We know that water is the best and free source of energy. This paper discusses the scope of developing a mini hydropower station at Marguzar waterfall in Mingora at district of SWAT, Pakistan. Provision of energy is an important need of the human life....

The Dangers of Dams for the Natural Environment

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Dams are dangerous mainly to greenhouse gases, endangered species, natural habitats even hydroelectric power. Over a period of time dams can be used for the defenses against floods, and the supply of water, some irrigation even hydroelectric power. There are some positive elements, and there...

How Benificial Hydroelectric Power Would Be to Egypt

Introduction The problem at hand is that Egypt’s population is growing at alarming rates. This means in order to support this ever-growing population more resources are needed one of which is energy. Also currently the government relies mostly on non-renewable energy sources. As is well...

Hydroelectric Power Dams: Harnessing the Power of Water

Introduction Hydroelectric power dams have emerged as a crucial component of the global energy sector, offering a sustainable and renewable source of electricity. These structures have revolutionized the way electricity is produced by capitalizing on the immense energy potential inherent in water. Through a sophisticated...

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