Essay Samples on Communism

The Progress Industrialization in China

In 1949, Mao Zedong established the Communist Peoples Party that tries to solve China’s problem of land distribution and poverty. Mao changed China’s social and political order. Before 1949, China was a divided country with no national identity and pride, this limited progress. Mao instilled…

United States' Stance on Vietnam War

During the early years of the Vietnam War, many American supported liberating South Vietnam from communist influence. Communism was a spread of ideas that threatened free government globally and it was not tolerated by the United States. When the war began to be seen as…

McCarthyism vs Trumpism: The Parallels

Senator Joseph Mccarthy of Wisconsin gained political power through the capitalization of society’s fear of communism in the 1950’s by falsely accusing innocent people of political corruption, these actions created a deep-rooted problem that is still ingrained in the government, entertainment industry, and American history….

The Economics Of Revolution

Che Guevara is known for his image that has been plastered on millions of t-shirts. Most of those who wear Che’s image just think that it looks cool or symbolizes defiance. Yet they generally know very little of the man and his ideas. The mainstream…

Analysis Of Cranes By Hwang Sun-Won And Saboteur

Have you ever felt that your opinions and beliefs opposed the wider set of beliefs held by your society? In the narrative “Shakespeare In The Bush”, Laura Bohannan explores this exact topic — whether or not the opinions humans hold are universal in nature. Bohannan…

Communism To Success

Maria Brito came from difficult circumstances, but pushed past struggles and continued to aim for the stars. Born in Cuba, Brito lived there until 1959 when Batista was overthrown and Cuba became a communistic country. She, and her brother, then escaped to the United States….

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