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The Political Theory of John Locke: a Critical Analysis

This essay aims to discuss John Locke's political theory within the Two Treatises of Government, particularly in regards to the State of Nature due to its imperative role within the foundations of the Social Contract between the legislative and the sovereign (the citizens). The Social...

Two Main Differences Between Conservatives and Socialism

There are numerous contrasts among Conservatives and Socialism, one of them being their perspectives on human instinct. In a socialist's view, individuals are social creatures who flourish best when they are associated with one another. People are not driven exclusively by self-centred interests however can...

Formation of Political Theories Using Ideas of Great Philosophers

Politics aid in shaping decisions that affect all aspects of our lives. To begin with, political theory is the study of concepts that have shaped our politics and the enduring questions that individuals are concerned about within society. Some of the issues usually addressed in...

Utopia as Possible Political Theory for a Perfect Society

In the contemporary era, everyday life is surrounded by utopian images and texts. The term ‘Utopia’ is coined by Thomas More in 1516 in which it is initially the name of his ideal imagined society. The term is combined by the Greek words: outopia and...

Models of Democracy and Alternatives of Political Organisation

Ancient Athens provided the first working model of democracy. In Greek demos means 'the people.' Every Athenian citizen (a group which excluded women, slaves, and free foreigners) could vote on city issues at the assembly of the people. If you were an Athenian male at...

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