Essay Samples on Political theories

Impacts Of The Red Scare On The Canadian Society

The “Red Scare” is a powerful and controversial term used to promote communism within a society. In the late 1940s, the cold war was declared in Canada which was against the Soviet Union and the beginning of the western democratic becoming suspicious of the communist…

History of Socialism and Communism in China

What is Socialism and Communism? And what it is like in China? Answers are not easily available. The country holds its secret as close to its chest as freemasons used to do. Socialism believes in private ownership and distribution based on contribution to production. On…

The Analysis of Robin Corey's Perception on Conservatism

After Donald Trump’s triumph in 2016, Robin Corey, an educator of political hypothesis at one of the colleges, distributed a second release of ‘The Reactionary Mind’. As its caption shows, the book is a basic study of traditionalist masterminds and officials of the government ‘from…

History of Communism and Its Foundations

Abstract Communism was associate degree economic-political philosophy supported by revolutionist and socialist within the last half of the nineteenth century. Marx and socialist met in 1844, and discovered that they’d similar principles. In 1848 they wrote and printed ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ They desired to finish…

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