Essay Samples on Political theories

The Progress Industrialization in China

In 1949, Mao Zedong established the Communist Peoples Party that tries to solve China’s problem of land distribution and poverty. Mao changed China’s social and political order. Before 1949, China was a divided country with no national identity and pride, this limited progress. Mao instilled…

Sociological Contributions of Karl Marx

Introduction Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) was a great philosopher and sociological thinker of his time. His thoughts and ideas were influenced by the sociological context of that era. His philosophical and sociological theories were mostly evolved against capitalism which was dominant during that period….

The Life and Work of Karl Marx in His Biography

Abstract Biography is form of literature. It is usually considered nonfictional. It is the life story of an individual written by other person(s). Biography contains the all the events happening in one’s life. This paper contains the biography of the famous sociologist, Karl Marx. Everything…

United States' Stance on Vietnam War

During the early years of the Vietnam War, many American supported liberating South Vietnam from communist influence. Communism was a spread of ideas that threatened free government globally and it was not tolerated by the United States. When the war began to be seen as…

McCarthyism vs Trumpism: The Parallels

Senator Joseph Mccarthy of Wisconsin gained political power through the capitalization of society’s fear of communism in the 1950’s by falsely accusing innocent people of political corruption, these actions created a deep-rooted problem that is still ingrained in the government, entertainment industry, and American history….

Communism To Success

Maria Brito came from difficult circumstances, but pushed past struggles and continued to aim for the stars. Born in Cuba, Brito lived there until 1959 when Batista was overthrown and Cuba became a communistic country. She, and her brother, then escaped to the United States….

Principles Of Conservatism In Politics

Conservatism as a political ideology expresses the views of people who place tradition, order, social stability and the preservation of key institutions, such as religion, property rights, hierarchy and authority as their top priorities. Conservatives tend to oppose radical reforms in society and they strictly…

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