We Can Save Endangered Sumatran Tiger

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Critically Endangered

In general Sumatran tigers origins are from Borneo and Sumatra. Their habitat is dense tropical dense forestjungle. The Sumatran tiger is on the top of the food chain so it does not get eaten. It eats mostly fish, deer, cattle and wild boar.

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The Sumatran tigers live for about 15 to 20 years in the wild. After a period of 3 to 4 months, the mother tiger gives birth to up to 5 cubs. Newborn Sumatran tiger cubs weigh about 1 kg and are blind. The mother feeds them milk for about 2 months and then the Sumatran tiger cubs are introduced to meat. A litter stays together for two to three years and the young are sexually mature at three to four years. Tigers usually reproduce once every three years Sumatran tiger cubs depend on their mother for the first 18 months and then they start to hunt by themselves. The sumatran tiger is different in appearance than other species of tiger. The sumatran tiger has narrower stripes than other species of tiger. Their maines are larger than other tigers and they also have slightly webbed paws to help them swim and catch predators.

Why They are Endangered

Sumatran Tigers are endangered because their habitat has been cut down, This is also known as logging. Nearly 80% of there forest land is gone because of logging. Another reason why there endangered is because humans are poaching, killing and hunting them. The reason why humans are poaching them are because they want them is to make and sell tiger products such as rugs, coats and women's accessories. Humans also cut down their habitat because the tree's in the sumatran tiger's habitat have palm oil in the trees which are used for foods like nutella and cheerios. How we can help. You can help the sumatran tiger by donating money. There are lots of charities you can donate money to, to save the sumatran tiger such as WWF, Panthera corporation, international tiger coalition and phoenix fund.

Some other ways you can help are by buying a certain type of toilet paper! WWF found that two brands in the United States, Paseo and Livi, are made with paper from Asian Pulp & Paper ( an organization) which is responsible for more forest destruction in Sumatra than any other single company. Paseo is a brand of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue, and it's the fastest growing brand of toilet paper in the United States. Paseo and another brand, Livi, are also sold as to hotels, restaurants and other public places. The Sumatran tigers don't deserve to be hunted or poached just to sell tiger products to make money so everyone should try to do what they can to save them and let them live free and safe.

I tried thinking of a way to save them so, i think if their are anti-poaching units in Sumatra similar to the black mambas then the tiges and the other animals would be safe. 

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