Poe Edgard Allen and Various Kinds of Animals

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These days many people have various kinds of animals as companions or more likely treat them differently, Poe Edgard Allen has written many stores including the black cat. Set in the home of the narrator. The story begins that the narrator is an animal lover who becomes addicted to alcohol and starts mistreating his wife and animals, by abusing, bullying, and violating them.  As the story begins the narrator is the main character, he is telling the story of the day of his execution, why he is in prison. 

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It begins when the narrator as a child was sensitive, kind, and mellow. He was a nice kid and his parents would give him lots of animals, he had great patience for animals with kindness. Afterward, he got married at an early age and was happy with his wife, and all their animals. The narrator's favorite pet and playmate were Pluto the cat that would go with him everywhere, their relationship lasted several years. But day by day the narrator would grow moodier, more irritable, more regardless of the feelings of others'. 

Then he started having a cynical attitude towards his animals and wife due to his mental instability as well as the consumption of alcohol, he takes out his own insecurities on his family by abusing his pets and wife. He loved his cat Pluto more than his wife, he tried to keep his sufficient regards to restrain from hearting Pluto. But one day when he comes back from his haunts about town the cat does not give him attention and then tries to grab him and gets scratch by the cat the narrator gets insulted, which makes him react by stabbing Pluto in the eye, the narrator goes against his 'best judgment' and chooses to 'violate that which is Law' because of his perverseness, resulting in him finishing the job that he had started, and hanging his cat on a tree-killing him, the narrator claims he did it precisely because he knew it was wrong.  

Secondly, the narrator treats his wife with no respect he takes advantage of her and treated Pluto better than her. He would mistreat his wife with no respect as he said: “I suffered myself to use intemperate language to my wife. At length, I even offered her personal violence”- The narrator. By trying to intervene and stop his husband from killing the new cat –in a fit of rage, he buries the ax in his wife's head, killing her instantly. 

She was a kind, giving, loyal, and even heroic person in the end. In conclusion, the narrator is truly a bad person for treating the people that he loves the most in bad ways even though they were there with him the whole time and it happened because of his tamper, and not having pactions by consuming too much alcohol and his mental instability. He made poor choices, by abusing the substance of alcohol that brought him to do bad choices, and where he is will telling the stories. 

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