Dog Feeding Tips – A Guide To Dog Fitness

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Do you think dogs can be as fit as their owners?

We as humans can be quite obsessed with our health. We go gluten free, grow our own vegetables in the backyard and stress about keeping hydrated all day long. Why don’t we do the same for our domestic BFFs?

Do we consider whether the dog food we bought from the supermarket is organic? Are they getting enough nutrition for a long healthy life? Don’t you wish there was a guide for all things healthy for our pooches?! Well, here it is!

If you think that dogs are carnivorous, so they only like to eat meat – think again! They need a proper dose of balanced diet, just like us! And that includes protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and yes, water! Here are the tips and tricks to transforming your canine buddy into an ultimate fitness model:

Dogs Need a Balanced Diet

Admit it. Keeping pets at home costs money. We have all been there. We overlooked our dog’s nutritional needs to save our own pocket. Don’t do that. Dogs need 25 different essential nutrients for growth, efficient metabolism and energy. Any quality dog food will provide them with the healthy supplies they all need. I repeat. They need carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. Don’t rob them off these babies for a few bucks! That’s right. Organic dog food is a smart investment.

Perfect Diet:

We must ensure that the dog food we put so much trust in has no questionable chemical preservatives, pesticides, artificial color or flavor. We also don’t want to include unnecessary fat in their diet. If you care about your little friend, you must give them the best organic dog food. But, when you run out of dog food, what do you do? You give them your food! Dogs love meat – chicken or beef – raw or mildly cooked. You can skip salt and pepper. Canned veggies are also great for cheat days. Just make sure you have removed the excess sodium.

Toxins to Avoid

Here is a list of everything that your dog must avoid to stay fit and beautiful:

Addictive Substances:

Alcohol, caffeine and chocolate are prohibited for dogs. Small amount can result in vomiting and diarrhea. Large consumption may result in seizures, internal bleeding and heart attacks.

Plant-based Substances:

Onions, chives, garlic and leek causes purging, stomach ache, loss of appetite and diarrhea in dogs. Grapes and raisins are very dangerous for dogs, as they can cause kidney failures.

Parasitic Substances:

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Mushroom, mold and yeast can cause food poisoning in dogs resulting in seizures, muscle tremors, dehydration, vomiting and anorexia.

Illnesses And Allergies

Sometimes your dogs don’t look so well. They may be lethargic or in pain. Their skin may look bad and overall, they may be loosing weight. I can assure you. A bad diet is the culprit. Are you feeding them a lot of processed food? Itchy skin is common in puppies that consume lots of processed food. GMO corn and wheat in dog food is quite dangerous for pets with allergies. It’s time to stop. Remember. They always need a balanced diet. Train them to have organic and nutritional dog food gradually. You can kiss the pain good bye. However, check with a vet for advice and treatment for specific allergies.


You might be wondering what is H2O doing here? Trust me. It is one of the most crucial element in the survival of species. Dogs lived in the wild long before they were domesticated. They were dependent on natural supplies for well being and longevity. Their parents slash owners need to make sure that they are having at least one ounce of water per body weight each day. So if your pooch weighs 60 ounces, it needs to be drinking approximately 60 ounces of water daily. Start this plan and watch the results. Don’t be surprised if their furs suddenly begin to look more lustrous, and they want to wrestle with you more often.

Portion The Meals

Dogs have their own personalities. Some are lazy, some active. Some love to eat, while others are moody when it comes to food. You know your dogs. If your dog is always starving and chasing you everywhere, try giving them three separate meals a day – morning, afternoon and evening. If your dogs are less fussy, two meals a day is ideal for them. Two meals a day is the golden rule generally. Let’s be real. You measure your food. You measure the protein intake, count the bottles of water you drink, weigh yourselves every night and what not. You also need to measure the portion you feed your dogs to reach their fitness goals. You can purchase measuring cups for your dogs to ensure consistent intake of supplements into your dog’s body. You can increase the amount on days your dog gets too much exercise. The same goes for water. Give them more to drink on leg days! Consider their age when it comes to portioning. When they age and their metabolism slow down, they will need smaller scoops per meal.

Dining Hygiene

This is another thing that we are guilty of. Let me ask you one thing:

How often do you wash your dog’s bowl? Once in three days? Once a week?! Wrong. You must wash it everyday. What happens when you leave your dishes in the sink for three days? How about a week? Oh my God! Your dog may think it cleaned the bowl with its tongue, but you know that’s not true. It is recommended that you wash the dog dish after serving raw or fresh foods. Don’t forget the water bowl.

Plastic bowls soak up stench and bacteria. So they are not suitable for long term use. Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are long-lasting, visually attractive and easy to clean. They make dog food look like delicacy.

Weight and Exercise

You need to keep a record of your dog’s weight. Don’t let them get too fat or too skinny. Keep them fit. Grab a bigger scoop of organic dog food for the ones who seem to be doing bad in the weight department. On the other hand, plump ones not only need lesser scoop, but they also need a good dose of exercises (like walking and playing) to keep them in shape. Avoid fat food. You do not want to give them too many treats from your plate. Because let’s be honest, they don’t need desserts. You can assign them a work out routine every single day for an hour or two according to their age, body weight and stamina. Greyhound, Dalmatians, Vizsla, Labrador Retriever, Collies and Alaskan Malamutes have lots of stamina. Prepare a work out routine and you never know, they will bring you a trophy one day. Bulldogs, Chow Chows, Pugs and Chihuahuas don’t need a lot of exercise, so you can let them off the hook with a light walk or light play.

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