How Monkeys Servived Our Lives

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It was in the evening and John and Amy were out exploring in the forest. They were both deep into the forest just talking about life. When it was getting dark and they could barely see they headed home, but they were both confused on what was the way back. So they both knew they were lost in the woods, they decided to go on a light jog so they wouldn’t get stuck in the darkness.

All of a sudden they heard a weird screeching sound coming from a tree, they both were confused they didn’t know what it was. John had pulled out his phone and turned on his flashlight and pointed it at the tree where the noise was coming from. They both saw a brown furry thing then they noticed it was a monkey and the monkey was making a mad face at them. The monkey began to quickly climb down his tree and began coming towards John and Amy in a rapid pace, so John and Amy turned around and began to run frantically.

The monkey was right behind them getting closer and closer to them, The kids both had tripped over a log. They were in pain they had scraped their knee there was blood running down their knees. Then they saw the monkey the wild animal was right on top of both of them, the monkey started to drag both of them and took both of them back to his monkey family. They both knew they were about to be dinner for the monkeys they were both terrified you could see it in there faces. The monkey hears something from a distance and goes to check it out, at that moment the kids knew it was their only chance to run away. When they no longer saw any of the monkeys they got up and started running for their lives, they both heard the monkey coming back so they had hid behind a tree. When they no longer saw or heard the monkey they started to run at a rapid pace again, when they got far enough they started to recognise their way around the forest again they finally got out of the forest safely. So they finally started heading home they were about 5 minutes away from home they had to walk home.

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When they were about three minutes away they heard the same screeching sound they had heard in the forest. They were both terrified when they heard the screeching, when they turned around to see where it was coming from they had saw a whole family of monkeys they were surrounded. John and Amy were shocked to see that many monkeys staring at them they didn’t know what to do. All the monkeys started going for the kids the kids couldn’t do anything. When the monkeys were right next to them all the monkeys jumped at them, and all of a sudden John had woken up from a terrible nightmare he was scared he thought it was real life but it was all a nightmare.

So he got up and his head was hurting really bad so he went to the restroom to check it out, and he saw a huge bump on his forehead. He was really confused and didn’t know how he got it he touched it and it hurt him a lot. So he then went to Amy’s room to see if she was up and she was they both saw each other’s forehead and they both had a huge bump on there. They were both really confused and scared they didn’t know where it came from or anything at all.So he went on with his day so did Amy, they were getting ready to eat so they got the table ready and sat down and were eating some chicken strips that they made. They were enjoying their meal a lot, they finally got finished a while later. They went to the living room after they finished cleaning the kitchen, they sat down on the couch and started watching tv. Then out of nowhere they heard a weird noise but they ignored it because they thought it was the tv, then they heard the same exact noise again so they turned the tv off to see what it was.

They both looked out the window and when they did they didn’t see anything at all so they were confused. So they went back to the couch and sat down but they didn’t turn the TV on to see if they could hear the noise again. Like 10 minutes passed and once again they heard the weird noise again, so they ran to the door went outside and looked everywhere. They got off the porch and turned around and looked at the roof and there were about 60 monkeys on the roof looking at both Amy and John. John and Amy were standing there paralyzed not knowing what to do, but then they heard someone talking they looked around and realized it was one of the monkeys. They were so surprised and puzzled looking at the “leader” of the pack. The monkey introduced himself saying “Hello fellow friends” and John asked what do you want from us? The monkey replied with “ we were confused as to why you were running from us in the forest”.

John was confused as of what the monkey was talking about he thought it was all a dream. But the monkey said “nah we helped y'all home after y’all got knocked out by a branch y’all hit.” Then John touched his forehead and realized that’s how he got the big bump on his head and Amy touched her forehead too. Then John spoke up and said “Thank you for helping us back home and putting us back in bed.”

So John and Amy were relieved that the monkeys weren’t evil so awhile later the monkey fled back into the forest and John and Amy went back inside their house. Later that night John and Amy were getting ready for bed, once they were ready they went to sleep. Once morning came John and Amy were feeling a little hairy so they both went into separate bathrooms and looked in the mirror. Once they saw they had transformed into monkeys they both screamed both terrified.

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