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Experiment On The Effects Of Testosterone On Normalized Organ Mass In Rats

The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the effects testosterone has on normalized organ mass in male lab rats treated with cast/sham, cast/test, or intact/test. The various organ masses recorded for each rat included the heart, liver, kidneys, seminal vesicles, and the right gastrocnemius....

The Comparison of Norway Rats and Humans and the Dissection of Animals

The purpose of this lab is to discover and learn about the external features, digestive system, respiratory system and circulatory system of a Norway rat. This lab is to help teach students about the external characteristics of a rat. Specifically, where features are positioned, what...

Rattus Norvegicus and Its Usage as a Model Organism

Introduction Rattus norvegicus is one of the commonly known muroids, this rat is also called brown rat, Norwegian rat etc. The mid-1500s was when it reached Europe and around 1750 it reached North American. This rodent coat color is brown or grey with its body...

Energy Drink Induced Metabolic Stress In Rats

Aims: This study was carried out to comparatively assess the potentiating effects of majorly consumed brands of energy drinks (red bull, power horse and bullet) on several metabolic stress indicators Methods: The study comprised four groups. Group I which served as control had normal feed...

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