Architecture: Bridging Vision into Reality

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Architecture can be defined in various ways, but if I were to define it, I would simply use these following words, ‘Architecture is an abstract language that bridges a vision into reality.’ I think everyone would agree that architecture is best paired with great effort and such thoughtfulness. Designing is a form of a statement that our vast and puzzling imagination expresses. Some may argue that utility and functionality are the things that should greatly factor a design. In my opinion, what makes a good design is not only the aesthetics of it all. But also, the composition of materials to be used for sustainable architecture and how it would affect and support the communities that built and will take usage of it.

Compose, it is the job of an architect to create a composition that is equally appealing to the untrained eyes and equally sustainable with the environment. Goethe once articulated, “architecture is like frozen music.” Pattern, rhythm, and inspiration makes it alike to the graceful and smooth musical composition at that time of period. Unarguably, architecture is consumed and digested to a lot of things that is so called, life. It is not only the “bread-and-butter” for architects but also for a lot of people across the globe. It affects our behavior from the time we wake up with the comfort our own house, up to the point where we head out and do whatever it is and complete our cycle of living. It is with a flash that I realize how important an architect’s role is, in shaping the society for the betterment. I certainly think that architects heavily contribute to the nation building.

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Firstly, it is in the foundation of architecture to always seek for a betterment, make a change. Diving back to history before, architecture, like the rest of the world, is changing and adapting not to settle for less. As architects, we are given the opportunity to reshape or recalculate the steps we have taken, then asses what needs some work given the situation, so the professional can provide. We are also given the responsibility to make end of things meet and actually walk the talk as history is being re-written.

Secondly, one of architecture’s biggest contribution to nation building is making the world small, in a good and progressive way. It is with such enthusiasm that we welcome technological advancements with our everyday lives. Just imagine the time, 30 years ago we are still doing physical write-on letters for communication, 20 years ago we are already texting, and facetiming 10 years ago. The is world continuously growing as it grew smaller. A normal person might think that a wave of culture crashing to each other is bad, thinking that they should be defensive and degrade other cultures just for the sake of relevancy. But these cultures crashing to each other can be actually a good thing to point in architecture. This means to architecture that more and more diverse people are openly sharing their sides of culture, creating this new culture of the phrase, “unity in diversity.” This can be one of the most powerful or impactful thing in architecture. About the time where architecture builds a safe space for people coming together. At the end of the day, cultures do not have to clash when paths came across, instead we should lift up each other, learn new things, and embrace progressiveness in diversity.

Lastly on this short list of what architects contribute to nation building is sustainability. Now that we are facing life-threatening threats like climate and this timely pandemic. We are already late in taking part of the action, so why does it seem that most of the people on earth is unbothered. Sustainability has been a major topic in debate, research, and so on of the past. Sustainability has already proven its relevancy to actually impose responsibility on every possible way. I am certain that architecture is one of the main supporters and implementer of sustainability. As I have said earlier, architecture is for growth and change. This comes a long way to actually creating new economic hubs in that is actually up for sustainability. Architecture sustainability also helps provide access to jobs in certain communities that at the end, those communities that were given job opportunities, will take usage and advantages from this new sustainable livelihood. I think the best way to make a better future is to create it with unity and solidarity with each other.

In conclusion. We should bear in mind this Winston Churchill Quote, “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” Architecture is one of the only professions on this world that values the openness for change and see it in a negative way. Remember that architecture is and will always be reaching out for the truth.

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