Android Based Interior Design in Application Using Augmented Reality

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Virtual Interior Designer app is an application which will allow you to take a picture of your room or whatever place you want to design and visualize it with various available designing options, like colors, objects, wall stickers, curtains, etc. It will also recommend the places from where you can buy these interior items. This application will use AR (Augmented Reality) technology using Vuforia tool which will help customers to design their houses, offices, etc. This application will help customers to select anything from the menu, place that item on a picture by tapping on the screen. It can also remove that item or change the material of the item from a picture. It can also move the location of that item. This application will also provide the customer with the function of designing any item and then the application will recommend similar items of that design to the user. Vuforia tool is a software for smartphones that helps users to build applications by using augmented reality. It helps the user to add 3D images in real-time. Using this technology, users can capture a picture from the camera of their smartphones and then place the objects to the picture to look whether it looks good or not.


The objectives of the application are given below:

  • To provide the user with a platform where they can easily view/edit objects in their environment.
  • To provide the user with a platform where they can search for interior designing options online.
  • To provide a list of all online vendors suitable for the user.
  • To collect the room’s parameter and provide suggestions to the user.
  • To provides suggestions on user’s personal preference.
  • To provide all available items within the user’s budget.

Problem Description

Designing homes is a tedious task and people don’t even know where to buy items so that they can decorate their house. If the item does not look good in that area, then it will be quite difficult for the customer to return the item from where they have purchased it. So, this system will help the customer to select the product then place it in the required area. Then user can check whether the object is looking good in the required area or not. Application will be quite easy for the customers to decorate their places. If the user decides to paint his house walls, a certain color and afterwards he dislikes his choice then he would have wasted his resources (Time and Money). Application will also help users to design the items (Furniture, Accessories etc.), the system will recommend items which are similar the item designed by the user. This system aims to optimize user resources (Time and Money). It provides an efficient way to perform interior design activities (i.e. placement and measurement of dimensions) effectively. The pivotal part of this application is that it helps user to express the designs, which user wants to incorporate in his house. Most of the time user cannot efficiently convey the type of item he wants. Designing the object style/layout will help in better searching of similar items. Hence this application will help the user by optimizing or reducing user resources.


The system will allow users to interact with our items using their mobile phone in AR (Augmented Reality) environment. The system will use the mobile phones camera to directly place the item to the required area. The system will use Augmented Reality Techniques to decorate a specific area.

Software Development Methodology

For the development of this system, we are using “Agile Methodology” from the software development process. The agile development process is most suitable for our project as we are developing different modules with incremental delivery and user database requirements are major focus in our application.

Database Repository Information Types

The data repository used for the development of the project is described as follows:

  1. Vendors Information
  2. Products Information
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The data in the vendor’s data represents the following aspects:

  1. Name
  2. Location

The data in the items data represents the following aspects:

  1. Name
  2. Price
  3. Size

Project Scope

Interior Designing application will provide a service to their users by designing their houses, offices, etc. This system will also design an environment desired by the users. The system will also hire some vendors which will provide their items to the users. Users can also buy the items from vendors through this system. To use this system, the user must have a smartphone. Users can also design the items and then items similar to that design will be shown to the user. Users can take a picture of a place which they wanted to design, then the user can choose the items and that item then placed in the room design. Users can also drag, rotate, enlarge and minimize the product model to fit in that required area. User can also view different dimensions of the product after placing it in that required area. Rotation of the items can also be done to analyze them in a better way.

Feasibility Study

Yes, with the above-mentioned scope we would be able to complete our project in the required time.

  1. Risks Involved: The unavailability of the internet is a major issue; this application requires the availability of internet.
  2. Resource Requirement: Open Source Software for App Development.

Solution Application Areas

We are targeting those people who want to design their old/new houses with the latest furniture and with an interest in home decor. We are also targeting those people who want to decorate their offices with the best color themes.


  1. Android Studio
  2. Vuforia
  3. Augmented Reality

Expertise of the Team Members

  1. Mobile Application Development (Android Studio)
  2. Database Management System (SQL)

Proposed Solution

The following are different wireframes depicting various functionality of our application.

  1. The main page of the application.
  2. By clicking on take a picture, the application will allow user to capture an image of her room.
  3. By clicking on create design, the application will allow user to create design of the item. This will help user to change the color of the item or edit the existing item.
  4. By clicking on an empty room, the application will provide some empty pictures of the room so that user can incorporate items in the picture.
  5. By clicking on the menu bar, application will provide some places to the user which he wants to design.
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