The Design Of The Restaurant "Cuisine De Garden Bkk" In Bangkok

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‘Cuisine de Garden BKK’ is a modern restaurant located in Bangkok which tends to serve customers an unforgettable memorable experience while dining. Every single detail in the restaurant is inspired from several aspects of nature such as tree trunks or the ocean for instance. Surprisingly, Cuisine de garden BKK was first opened to the public as a modern art gallery that was named “Toot Yung and Pandora” and eventually became a restaurant later.

The interiors of the space jungle themed and was designed in this particular way in order to capture the eyes of the customers and provide them with aesthetic senses of nature by creating an imaginative garden inside the restaurant itself, which then translated into the design concept of the magical garden. The restaurant is filled with real trees with different sizes that was planted within the space to provide a chilling atmosphere for the customers. There is also good circulation space between the settings and interior components, and accessibility is also considered in the design of the space. As for the lighting used, the designer installed LED lights under the black ceiling to create an illusion of a very dark sky.

Moreover, the LED lights provided an effect of small fireflies glowing in the sky. His approach to create an effect of a moonlight gave a natural outdoor feeling for the space, hence giving the customers the unique experience of dining under a starry dark night. The Designer chose to keep the general lightning a little bit dim for it to be cohesive with the concept of the space which is the “Magical garden”. However, since the color scheme of the space was dark, the general lighting used in the ceiling translated as a little bit dim.

Although the space overall appears to be dim, the designer used this specific lighting design to achieve the goal of creating the effect of moonlight, and natural outdoor atmosphere in the space while still making the user eat with comfort. For this space, the designer applied only two layers of lights, however making one of the layers act as two different layers service different functions. The first layer is the track lights in the ceiling serving as general or ambient lighting, which serves the function by lighting up the whole space without being too bright or disturbing the concept of the magical garden.

And the Adjustable down-lights blended within the trees serve not only as accent lighting since it’s warm white color accentuates the trees, but also task lights since they are meant to light over each table making the task of eating easier for the user. And regarding the waiting area ‘bar’, LED lights were applied under the bar which served as accent lighting to highlight the area and to show the rough texture of bar, the use of grey stone also emphasizes the design concept of the space which is nature. Day light is also another source of light in the space, allowed through the glass wall at the entrance of the restaurant, and through the half-circle shaped windows located at the right of the bar.

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