Evaluation Of Three Restaurants During Chill`s Spring Break Boston

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Boston, a famous American port city, not only has a wealth of seafood, but also has a vibrant Chinatown. I had the privilege of visiting Boston during the spring break and tasted many local delicacies which let me have this opportunity to comment on several restaurants I have been to. The three restaurants I want to evaluate today are Liu Yishou Chongqing Traditional Hot Pot, The legal sea foods, and Five Spices House. After considering many things, I think The legal sea foods is one of the most unique and best Boston restaurants considering decorate, service, and price. 

Liu Yishou Hot Pot is not only an old traditional Chongqing hot pot, but also the first chain hot pot restaurant which start a global strategy. His first North American branch opened at the 'Chinese capital' of North America, Vancouver, and quickly squadrons lined up long queues. The restaurant we visited is the first branch in the United States, located in downtown of Boston between Philadelphia and New York. We Lined up for half an hour but only got a small table. This shows that even in the dowbtown with huge amount of restaurants, this restaurant is still very popular. As you can see form the picture, the interior is bright, modern, minimalist and gentle. 

Now let`s see the menu. The most unique thing is that the waiter told us that the dish with the snowflake logo can order for half serving. If you go eat with girls, half is enough, don't waste it. What`s more, There are huge variety of dishes with different tastes, half serving means you can order more and taste more. 

Soy sauce, garlic, sesame, saute, and spicy oil, such entry-level seasonings is common to us. There are even acacia flowers, peanut, soy, and End of mustard. To be honest, it’s usually that you’re going to have so many “advanced” materials at home. Although it is not expensive, it is very troublesome to prepare. It is rare to have so many seasonings eating hot pot outside. Many hot pot restaurants in China can't do it. Because of the complete variety of seasonings, we have a good impression on Liu Yishou Hot Pot. 

Traditional Chongqing red pot is a butter pot but may be used to cater for the tastes of most people in North America. It’s not as greasy as the Chinese butter hot pot, it’s lighter, but the fragrance is still full, and it’s spicy enough. All the meat is cut from the machine. Each meat is cut into different thicknesses according to the characteristics of the meat. Some are thin like paper, some are a few millimeters thick. I used to dislike the pork hot pot. But this thin pork belly is not only fresh and soft, but also not tired at all. The deepest impression is the black fungus, small pieces, especially crisp. However, the price is much more expensive than the ordinary large pieces of fungus. We also ate fried pork, fat beef, fat sheep, beef tongue. these are the few things we like most in Liu Yishou. 

The waiter's service is very thoughtful. All waiters can communicate with guests fluently in both Chinese and English. When there is no water in the cup, he will come over quickly and ask if you need to refill. When the different kinds of meat are on, the lobby manager will carefully explain the time each meat needs to be cooked. The waiter will also recommend different hot pot bases according to the level of the guests' tolerance. Of course, we ordered the most spicy one in the restaurant. The three of us spent a total of 120$ (15% tip), which is 40$each person. This is a little bit expensive for a student. Everyone has their own love, and the evaluation is different, but I can eat such a pure hometown flavor in Boston, which is really amazing. 

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The second restaurant I want to review is Five Spice House. That is a interesting and unique name. Chinese five flavors are sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and Salty, so the name means that this restaurant contains all the flavors of the world. This restaurant is located in Chinatown. When we arrived, it was just noon, the table in the restaurant was almost full. 

The entire restaurant has two floors and the first floor is a table for four, serving fast food and convenient Chinese food. And the second floor we are sitting on is a 6-8 person round table, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and enjoy it slowly. The decoration of the restaurant is very simple. On the wall, for example, Peking Opera masks and calligraphy works are used to serve as Chinese elements. The window is decorated with window grilles, which is very festive. 

Most waiters can communicate with guests in English, but only speak Cantonese instead of Mandarin, so it is difficult for us to understand. We need to communicate with each other in crappy English and even need to write down on the paper to complete the normal order. The waiter will not help you refill the cup very quickly, sometimes you need to ask them to help add some water. 

Most of the dishes taste salty and are more suitable for northerners. The taste is more Chinese, and it has not changed a lot of tastes like most Chinese restaurants to cater to the eating habits of North Americans. I really like the pickled fish soup and Cauliflower fried meat in this restaurant. The taste of the fish soup is very fresh, the fish meat is very smooth, there is no extra thorn, so you can drink soup with no danger. The taste of cauliflower and bacon is just complementary, making the whole dish not so greasy, the taste is fresh and smooth. Although there is no amazing taste, at least it can cope with the fast food needs of most office workers. A bowl of rice, two side dishes, is enough to kill a noon in this restaurant. Although there are only plain dishes, As a restaurant in Chinatown, the busiest street in Boston, we only need to pay 10% tip, our five people spent a total of 105 dollars, only 21 dollars for each people. For me, a traveler, this is really worth it. 

The next restaurant I will evaluating is my favorite restaurant during this spring vacation. It is a seafood chain restaurant, with thousands of reviews in Yelp like “Love this place the owner is the sweetest guy super personable and friendly. The food is great the bar is huge. ”(Kristen, Yelp, 2018) There are many chain stores in Boston that only sell fast food like lobster sandwiches. However, the restaurant I have been to is a formal restaurant that needs to call in advance to make an appointment. 

“My boyfriend and I were looking for a place to celebrate our three years dating anniversary and decided on this place. ”(Emily. A, Yelp, 2018)There are several TV sets showing news or ball games. The lights here are very dim, with relaxed jazz, the whole restaurant is very romantic and suitable for dating. There are 4 square tables scattered in the restaurant. There are many old photos and some seafood models hanging on the walls. The whole restaurant is full of seafood. The waiters are all dressed in formal attire and are very polite to wait at the table for your order. Because we are not very familiar with the menu there, hesitated for a long time, the waiter was not impatient, but waited quietly. 

We ordered lobster, salad, and seafood soup, The taste are all in top class. Even if I only ordered a medium-sized lobster, its shrimp tongs and shrimp tails are full of meat. The lobster's flesh is very fresh, the soup is very strong, and the soup is also filled with a lot of lobster meat to add flavor. Our neighboring table had the lobster rolls and we were glad we chose the Crab cake combo because those rolls looked rather small. Though the french fries looked good. We weren't disappointed. The highlight was the grilled shrimp. It was so plump and flavorful. The scallops were good sized and melted in your mouth. The crab cake was good, but not the best I've ever had. The mustard sauce helped it's cause. This was all accompanied by a delicious salad with walnuts and apples. Very seasonal. A nice balance to the rich seafood. A satisfying meal comes in exchange for high consumption. This restaurant recommends a 20% tip and the price of seafood itself is high. We spent about 45$ each person. 

Although the price is high, it is the best in this trip, whether it is from the dining environment, the service level, and the taste of the dishes. I may not visit Liu yi shou or 5 spicy house again. However, I will come back to this restaurant if I have the chance. What`s more, as the last meal in Boston, This restaurant perfectly ended our spring trip.

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